First Run Done!

We did it!!  We ran.  It was more challenging convincing myself to get out of bed as I laid there all warm under the covers than get myself running. Somehow, I willed myself out of bed and my husband soon followed.

The 8 intervals of running 1 minute and walking 1.5 minutes were not that bad. The part of starting a new workout that I usually dread is the muscle soreness and tiredness that goes along with it. I remember starting to work out a little too keen after not exercising for a long period of time in the past and making myself physically ill, like I might die afterwards; fever, surging pain, extreme exhaustion.

Despite being out of shape and not having exercised in several years, I feel no pain after the first run.  No soreness or muscle fatigue.  I can’t decide if I’m not that out of shape or the first week’s program is not that difficult.

I’m feeling good after the first run, better than I thought.  I hope this will keep me going through the week.


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