A Better Breakfast for Running

I don’t know how much I will change my diet with running, but the first thing I have altered is my breakfast habits, both of us have. For years and years we have skipped breakfast and just grabbed something on the way to work or just reached for multiple coffees until lunchtime. I was never a breakfast person.

After the first week of running in the mornings, breakfast became not only desired but I’d even go so far as to say a necessity. The first week we continued our “grab whatever is around mentality,” but this week (Week 2) we have come up with something that I hope is healthier.


I went to the farmer’s market and bought a bunch of fruit and then stopped at the supermarket for yogurt and granola. Our breakfast staple has become a bowl of yogurt topped with chopped fruit, an eighth of a cup of wheat germ, and a quarter cup of granola each.


I have to say I’m in love with breakfast for the first time. What do you eat after a morning run?


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