When to Spend Money on Running Gear

Running 2 minutes / walking 2 minutes for 6 intervals has been pretty comfortable since the first day we tried it. It’s funny how fast my brain got used to doing 1.5 minutes from the previous week, because as soon as I hit the 90-second mark my brain is telling me to check the time and it always says there are 30 seconds left.

We’re midway through the week and it looks like we are pretty serious about running and determined to keep this going. It’s come to the point to consider investing in a good pair of shoes.

I was unsure about spending money on shoes or sportswear before we started running, even though it would have helped with motivation. However, spending hundreds of dollars on new shoes and running clothes and then quitting soon after does not sit well with me. As the end of week 3 approaches and our momentum has not faltered I think buying a pair of shoes for both of us would be money well-spent.

I’ve been running with the only sports shoes I have, a pair of Reebok Hexaffect Run. While I really like these shoes for everyday walking, they leave something to be desired when running. They have great support in the heel, but when I run it feels like I can feel the pavement in the ball of my foot with every step. Perhaps this is a result of being a heavy runner.


I did some research online and looked at a few websites regarding shoes for my build, distance, and need. If anyone is looking at running shoes I recommend checking out runblogger.com as well as the Shoe Dog app provided by Road Runner Sports. After checking online and going to stores to try actual shoes on for size and fit both my husband and I settled on Asics Gel-Nimbus. We found a pair for each of us on sale through some tedious online shopping and ended up purchasing my husband Gel-Nimbus 14 and Gel-Nimbus 15 for myself.

And today they arrived in the mail! I can’t wait to give them a test-run tomorrow.



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