Scale Troll No More

We finally bit the bullet and bought our very own scale. I hope this is a good decision, but I couldn’t take not knowing if we were losing weight and doing things right. I need to see progress at this point. None of my friends or colleagues has commented or offered a “Hey, you look great! Did you lose weight?” I don’t look for the comments, but a little positive reinforcement would be nice from someone other than my husband.


As soon as we got home the scale was out of the box and we were reading the instructions. The scale we bought not only measures your weight, but also your fat and muscle percentages (again, is this a good idea?). We had to set up profiles to do that, but I just couldn’t wait. I wanted to know my weight. I’m proud to say that even though I stepped on the scale with great trepidation, I was met with a very unexpected and happy surprise.

I was going to be happy if I lost 2 kilograms, but I was elated when the scale said 105.8 kg. In about a month I have lost 7 kg!! It took the scale for me to realize that I have been feeling a bit lighter and that those jeans, the ones that started this whole weight loss journey, actually fit. They aren’t tight anywhere! So, my first goal has been met.

The good news doesn’t stop there. When it was my hubby’s turn I was more optimistic because I have noticed some jelly belly shrinkage on him. Sure enough he went from 118 to 114 kg. So, the scale has not been regretted.

The bad news is that when we set up the scale to measure our fat and muscle composition the scale did not offer pleasing news. My fat content is 60%. That seems crazy. It means that of my 105.8 kg, 63.48 kg is fat. Ick! I really wonder what it was before I started running.

So, from now on when we visit friends’ houses we no longer have to be scale trolls looking for unattended scales.


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