This week we moved to a program of running 4 minutes and walking 1 minute for 6 intervals. It kicked my ass the first day. The 1-minute break is no break at all. I can barely say a few words to my hubby before we start running again. It feels a little bit like I’m torturing myself, but I keep telling myself it’s very similar to what it will be like when we can run for a full 30 minutes (if we ever get there).

However, I hurt myself while running. Over the course of the past few days I have started having some pain in my heel while running, which turned into pain while walking – excruciating pain.

like my socks?
like my socks?

Maybe the program challenged me too much physically, because on the fourth interval I had a mild ache in my heel that stayed with me to the end and the walk home was a little uncomfortable. I iced it and kept it raised once we got home. But, the pain got worse after running. A little googling and it seemed like a minor case of Achilles Tendentious or plantar fasciitis for which the recommendation is no running and rest. So I am feeling a bit depressed. Ironically, I want to run even though the last run felt like I was punishing myself. How is it possible to miss running when I have a love-hate relationship with it?

As I sit here on the couch on day 3 of no running I’m getting restless. I’ve been a couch potato. I don’t want to revert back to it. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this heel problem heals soon.


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