Apps and Weight loss (update 1)

It has been a week of logging my food consumption with the myfitnesspal app and sticking to the calorie allowance of 1,750 calories. The past week represents, by far, the least I’ve eaten in quite a while. 1,750 calories is quite restrictive compared to how I was eating 2 months ago. Finding lean sources of protein and not going crazy on carb-rich food has been difficult, not to mention I have totally embargoed all desserts for the time being (I’m really trying, see?).

Using the app and trying to eat so healthy caused one disastrous trip to the grocery store this week where nothing seemed healthy enough and we stood looking at each other with sad, hopeless faces. In fairness to us, we were hungry at the time, a guaranteed way to an unproductive and frustrating shopping trip. Somehow we spent 30 minutes checking the nutritional information of what seemed like hundreds of products without buying any of them.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

This week has shown me that we need to plan better regarding our meals. Breakfast is easy; we eat our fruit, yogurt, and homemade granola with the only variation being the fruit we can find. We have also started accompanying breakfast with a slice of whole wheat bread with about a tablespoon of peanut butter, because we were getting hungry only a few hours after breakfast. Lunch and dinner are proving much more difficult. What do you eat for lunch and dinner when you want to lose weight?

The biggest obstacle to eating less and healthy with the aid of the myfitnesspal app is that I am hungry a serious chunk of the time and for someone who gets headaches and becomes irritable when they are hungry it is a little frustrating. My hubby has suffered more than me. While he can have more calories than me, he feels the pangs of hunger more often.

However, using the app was easy and the first day I was keen to do it, but like most things that are new I had to force myself the other days. One huge advantage of keeping track of what I eat is that throughout the day I see the number of calories I have left dwindle down, which motivated me to make smarter choices than if I wasn’t keeping track. The downside is that it takes time out of my day to input everything into the app.

According to the app I should lose 1 kg a week with the goal to lose 5 kg by July 6th. I lost weight, but not that much; just .6 kg  or around 1.32 lbs. I am still satisfied, because with the running I know I am building muscle and I am getting thinner. I can see my legs getting stronger. They feel stronger, too. My jeans that used to be inhumanely tight are loose all over. We even allowed ourselves a bit of a treat. On Sunday afternoon we had our first drink of alcohol in 6 weeks with friends and good food. We don’t drink much to begin with, but we have purposely avoided it since we have been trying to lose weight. How often do you have cheat days on your diet? What do you indulge in?


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