Running on Empty

Last week was a frustrating week. We ran just 4 times, because it rained a couple days, but I felt like each time was worse than the next. We were doing 4 intervals of running for 7 minutes and walking for 3 minutes.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

The days we ran I really didn’t feel like I was running my best. The last interval of 7 minutes was hard each time, and I mean really hard to get through. I finished it each time, but I was so slow. My husband finished 200 meters ahead of me each time, which disappointed me. It just felt like I was running on empty.

Since I’ve been using a pedometer, I was able to check if what I felt was true. I was surprised that what I felt wasn’t exactly the reality. The first day I ran 4.18 km, the next day it increased slightly to 4.20 km, and then continued to increase to 4.38 km, which then decreased to 4.16 km on the last day.

Last week I was a little under the weather – runny nose, cough, and more than usual tiredness from several nights of not great sleep – and I felt like I had pulled a muscle in my left quad. So, the fact that Saturday and Sunday were rainy and we couldn’t run was probably a good thing. But, I spent the weekend thinking whether I will be able to run the 8k race in October. I really want to do it, but won’t they kick me out for being so slow? My fear is that I’ll be the last one running and someone from the race staff will walk up beside me (because I’m “running” so slow) and tell me that I should just save my dignity and quit. What if I can’t even run 8 km by then? I’m running just half that now. I know there are 4 months until the race, but I had some major anxiety about it.

Going into Monday I was feeling really in-confident about our run. We planned to increase our running interval to 8 minutes running and 2 minutes walking. Considering last week, I didn’t know if I could do it. I told myself if I couldn’t do all 4 intervals at 8 minutes, it would be okay to revert to 7 minutes.

Surprisingly, I did all 4 intervals at 8 minutes, but let me just say that the 2-minute break flew by! You blink and it’s gone. But, that didn’t matter after the 2-day break; I felt stronger. Being rested really helped both my husband and I finish the run with energy. Compared to last week when even the walk home was tiresome and I was trying to convince my husband to carry me, the first day of the 8-minute intervals was really good. I just hope we can keep this up throughout the week, because the running interval time changes significantly next week from 8 minutes run / 2 minutes walk to 12 minutes run / 3 minutes walk. I’m already nervous, but I regained my confidence about the 8k race and I’m trying to be more positive about my ability to do it.


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