When People Notice You’ve Lost Weight

Well, it finally happened… People finally noticed we’ve lost some weight. It happened on Tuesday by a client I hadn’t seen for 2 weeks, and then a couple of friends we hadn’t seen for 6 weeks. I hate to admit it, but I’ve sort of been wondering when this would happen. I’ve now lost 10 kg and my hubby has lost 7 kg thanks to our running program and watching what we eat. The funny part is that people have been telling my hubby he’s lost weight, but not me for weeks. It got a little frustrating.

It’s probably my fault that people haven’t said anything. We made the conscious decision not to advertise to everyone we know that we are trying to lose weight. So, my frustration is most likely a product of this fact. Of course, the people we did tell have consistently commented that we are “looking good,” but they just know we’ve started running. They don’t know that we have become salad monsters and that I am counting calories.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay; I wish there was this much room in my jeans. Maybe if I put on my husband’s.

There are a few reasons why we’ve been low-key about this whole thing. First, I was and still am embarrassed when talking about my weight. The term “body-shaming” may be new terminology, but it has existed for a long time.

Another reason is the fact that if you do tell people you are trying to lose weight and are on a diet and/or working out they sub-consciously sabotage your efforts by insisting on eating out or pushing rich, chocolate desserts on you (hmm… I must be hungry).

Telling friends and family about trying to lose weight somehow, miraculously makes it the only topic of conversation anyone wants to talk about. A friend of mine quit smoking and she regretted telling people, because every conversation was about how hard it is, the low success-rate, methods, etc. Every conversation made her want to take up the habit again. Whenever I’ve told people I am trying to lose weight in the past, it’s all anyone could talk about. Conversations become obsessed with talking about the food we crave, the food we love to eat, and the food we wish didn’t exist. I already think about our diet and exercise too much without the addition of other people’s chatter.

So, by not telling but a few people, it took longer to hear any positive reinforcement, but now that it’s started it feels pretty good. The downside is that I’ve started planning how to celebrate my next weight-loss milestone, which I think will be 90 kg. Pizza and beer is sounding pretty good right about now so for the time being I think that will be my reward.

Until I get there I’m staying tight-lipped about trying to lose weight. I know it can’t be denied since it has become obvious. Our jeans are getting rather baggy and our shirts are hanging a little loose. In fact, the other day I rummaged in the back of our closet and found old jeans for both of us that are a size smaller than what we are currently wearing. I saved them hoping that this day would eventually come.  The happy news is that they almost fit – just a little too tight to wear for now.

Does telling people about your new diet or workout program to lose weight help or hinder?


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