I’m Sleeping Less and Running More

Is this happening to anyone else? The more I run the less I sleep. It’s not that I need less of it, in fact I’m pretty sure I could use more, but for some reason my body is refusing. I’m dying to sleep in, but everyday I go to bed later and wake up early. I’m wondering if this is an effect of running at night. Perhaps it is keeping me awake.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

We ran 4 times last week at our current interval of 8 minutes running / 2 minutes walking 4 times. I thought we’d run at least once this weekend, but somehow it didn’t happen. We spent Saturday night at our friends’ house eating barbecue and playing with their little one, and Sunday we got home and were too exhausted to do anything except hit the grocery store and eat dinner. Although the fact that we did our shopping means that we are planning our meals in advance, the inability of which has been a source of frustration for us.

In all honesty, I wasn’t that crazy about running this weekend. Friday’s run was oppressively humid. My breathing got better than last time, but it was incredibly hot. I need to find one of those water bottles that is designed to be held by runners, despite my reservations about carrying water before. At the end of the run on Friday night we were drenched in sweat, and as we made our way through the park to get back home the sprinklers turned on. Normally I’d be cursing the timing, but on Friday it was like a gift to get drenched in water (minus the strength of those sprinklers – they hurt).

The only way I can rationalize not running this weekend is that with the hot weather running is taking it out of us more than before. Therefore resting seems necessary. And today we will increase our interval to 12 minutes running / 3 minutes walking. Of course both of us are a little nervous about it and wondering if running 12 minutes continuously is even possible at this point, but when we are well-rested we run better and stronger. So our best chance is after a 2-day break. I just hope we can do it. How do you prepare for a new running goal?


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