Apps and Weight Loss (Update 2)

If I had been good about inputting what I ate into the myfitnesspal app this would have marked the second week of using it to keep track of what I eat. Instead, I think I stopped using it last Wednesday. I got really bored entering all the food and portions, etc. It’s not a total loss, however. I learned a lot using the app. It surprised me on more than one occasion.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

I learned that food we think is “healthy” isn’t always as healthy as we think (I’m talking about you whole wheat pasta with your ridiculous number of calories). I also learned how much I can eat in a day and remain under my 1,750-calorie limit (as many veggies as I want). Getting an idea of what 1,750 calories actually looks like was probably the most helpful and valuable part of using the app. I’ll try to be better about using it this week.

As for my goal to lose 5 kg by July 6, I seem to be on track. Last week I lost .6 kg (using the app) and this week the scale told me I lost 1.2 kg (without using the app). So, I think that I learned how much I can eat. So, I have lost 1.8 kg (almost 4 lbs) in 2 weeks, which is not too bad and I haven’t been that restrictive about what I eat. A piece of chocolate cake met its match on Sunday.

I recently met a friend of mine who’s also trying to lose weight, but solely with the aid of the myfitnesspal app. She’s been doing it for a month and a half and lost 15 lbs. Unfortunately, she hasn’t found the time or motivation to workout. I’m not so sure that just dieting is the best way to lose weight. What do you think? Can you lose weight by just dieting or do you diet and exercise?


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