Running is Hard

I learned that running is hard on our Monday night run, not that I thought it was easy or anything. It was our first run at our new interval of 12 minutes running / 3 minutes walking 3 times. It kicked my butt, and I blame math (partly).

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

It’s taken me a long time to admit that my math skills are not great. As my husband and I walked over to the park I was mentally preparing myself for this run as I normally do. We have been following the running plan over at Breaking Muscle, and had been running 8 minutes / walking 2 minutes 4 times for a week. So, we were doing 32 minutes of running in total. I quite mistakenly thought that our run tonight was not going to be that bad since we would be running the same amount of time, but in fewer and longer intervals. Like a total idiot I though 12 x 3 = 32.

As we were walking I turned to my hubby and said “at least the amount of time we are running is the same and all we have to worry about is the longer intervals.” Needless to say I got a mystified look in return, and he broke my heart a little when he said that “No, we’re running longer intervals AND the total running time is longer.”

As I walked, chiding myself for my ever-worsening math skills (calculators are making me stupid) I went through my multiplication tables, something I haven’t done since 3rd grade – I was always bad at anything multiplied by 12, and realized he was right. We were going to run 36 minutes in total, not 32.

Perhaps my remedial math skills are partly the reason why the run did not go so well. I was mentally unprepared and had very little time to adjust. It didn’t help that the weather was the worst it has been all summer – hot, very humid, and zero wind – and it’s only just begun. We looked like we had taken a shower in our clothes after we were done. You would have thought we had run a marathon or something.

The first two intervals went reasonably well, but it was the third one that really got me. I really had to push myself to keep going. Not only that, but I was truly running slow. It probably would have been faster to walk. We even brought water with us that my husband, my savior, carried. He was running quite a bit ahead of me, but would circle back during the walking segments to let me have a sip.

Running in Summer is not getting easier. I’m starting to wonder if I can keep going when Summer is at its height. If it wasn’t so muggy and hot I feel like I could be doing much better instead of struggling so much just to finish.

Do you keep running in Summer? How do you cope with the hot weather?


5 thoughts on “Running is Hard

  1. I think you are not giving yourself enough credit. Running in the heat and humidity is HARD – I have recently moved to a very hot and humid country and have discovered that running in H&H conditions is very different to running in the cool. In a weird way, it is quite simple – run slower (until you are comfortable with the heat and humidity), run when the sun is low, or better down. But most importantly, if you can adapt to running in H&H conditions, you will be conditioned to be a better runner in more pleasant conditions as your muscles get better at working with less oxygen and your body gets used to working at a higher temperature. Keep it up! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for the support! I know you’re right. It’s hard to be forced back a notch when you’ve been trying so hard to improve, but you’re exactly right. I have to take running in the heat and humidity as its own challenge.

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  2. I seriously suck at running in hot weather – though I do still try to keep going! I do not like running in heat – lets just say I only wear shorts and a running crop top (my minimal assets do not need a lot of strapping down!!! sorry for tmi) – feel sorry for the people who have to cope with the glare off of my milk bottle skin, but it’s the only way I can cope! Keep going – sounds like you’re doing amazingly! 🙂 xxx

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