Keep Your Lemons

They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade, right? Well, it feels like life threw a melon at me and then pointed and laughed…

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

Perhaps it was slightly premature, but I decided that our goal was going to be to run an 8-km race in October. Granted I made this our goal at a time when we couldn’t even run 5 minutes continuously, but I believed it was possible. As a month or so has passed since announcing this objective, I haven’t regretted it (much), until now. Running an 8-km race still seems manageable. I think I will be able to do it in an hour or less by October. Even a 5-km race if told to run it tomorrow, wouldn’t be that bad.

But, then comes the melon, smacking me in the face, and knocking me to the ground. SPLAT!

The geniuses who are organizing the race have inexplicably changed it from an 8-km race to a 10-km one. My mind reeled when I found out, which was right in the middle of 2 weeks of, let’s be honest, very bad running, where I have been running like a drunk snail (I assume they get even slower when they are inebriated).

I had no intention of signing us up for a 10-km race. In fact, I didn’t want to sign up for the 8-km race, but I had looked for a 5-km, and there weren’t any near us been summer and winter.

Thank goodness I found out about the longer race as I was sitting across from my hubby. The poor guy was peppered with rhetorical questions one after the other like a machine gun gone haywire.

“How can they change the race?”

“How are we going to do this?”

“We just started running a little over 5 km. How can we be expected to double it?”

I went a little overboard. It’s not like the race is tomorrow. There are months between now and then, which is what my hubby told me in a calm and soothing voice. He told me what I should have realized myself; that although I was expecting an 8-km race, a 10-km run wasn’t unattainable.

So, the pressure is on. I will keep plugging along and I will be happy if I can reach my goal of running an hour by the end of July. Then, I think a 10-km in October is possible.

I didn’t anticipate running to stress me out. Isn’t it supposed to facilitate the opposite? Maybe this is a case of pre-race jitters, but being that it is months away I think pre-pre-race jitters is more applicable.

The good news is that last night we went for a run and increased our running interval from 12 to 14 minutes 3X. The weather was pre-storm so it was incredibly windy and much cooler than typical June temperatures. It was really satisfying to see us run 6 minutes longer than we had been without any difficulty. I feel vindicated after suffering before in the heat.

Were you nervous before your first race?


5 thoughts on “Keep Your Lemons

  1. I did one the other week where they said it was more than 5, but probably less than 6. They lied, it was more than 6!!! Keep it up, you’ll do fine! 🙂 maybe find a 5k in August as a confidence builder – do you guys have any parkrun runs near you??

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    1. On the one hand it must be difficult to organize a race, which is often done thanks to a lot of volunteers, but on the other the race is the center-piece of the event. Couldn’t they get it right? I totally sympathize with your predicament. I looked online and elsewhere, but the only race near us is this 10K in October. I will still sign us up. Otherwise, there’s nothing.


  2. I’ve never had a race change distances on me before. You could contact the race director and see what happened though it’s likely they couldn’t get the course certified for an 8K, or that the course that was certified had something uneventful happen to it? sinkhole? construction?
    At any rate, I usually get more anxious than nervous for a race…and I love it. The thoughts that are usually centered around all the training that I’ve done to prepare for the race and executing.
    You’ll be fine. Just keep going longer and longer on your intervals; if need be, slow down so you can run longer. If you can get a 2mi or 3mi continuous runs under your belt (err your shoes), those are the types of runs you can build on.
    Good luck!

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      1. Well, it *is* shocking news but it is what it is. If you have 3+ months, you’re golden, chica. That’s plenty of time and no reason to be nervous.
        Usually, there’s some threshold (for me, and maybe generally) of a milestone leading up to a race that will either make me really nervous or really excited. For example, on a marathon, getting a 20 mi run 3 weeks prior, or getting 10 mi in prior to a half. If you do the math, it’s roughly 20% of the race distance. It’s probably not linear but if you extrapolate that to a 10K, then your milestone might be to be able to run roughly 5 mi. So there you have it, there’s your minimal mileage that you should achieve 🙂


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