Running: A Solution to Male Pregnancy Syndrome

There’s nothing like the feeling of putting on your jeans and noticing that they are getting bigger, or rather noticing that you’re getting smaller. I’m wearing a size down in jeans from where I started, and now it’s my husband’s turn. He’s lost 8 kg, but it looks like so much more – maybe the scale is only reading 8 kg less because he’s gained some (or a lot of) muscle.

Prior to us starting running in March he had symptoms of male pregnancy syndrome. By the size of his jelly belly I was sure that we were expecting twins, but things changed quickly once we started running and watching our diet, and now I think I saw the beginnings of what looked like an abdominal muscle.

A couple weeks ago, as my husband was getting reading to go out, it became very obvious that his jelly belly had shrunk. He was wearing a 4XL shirt (4XL in Europe is like 3XL in the US) that suddenly looked like a tent. And his jeans had so much room in them.

This shirt used to be tight a couple months ago, and those jeans are about to fall off.
This shirt used to be tight a couple months ago, and those jeans didn’t have any extra room.

What seems like ages ago (4 years to be exact) I bought a pair of jeans for my husband when I happened upon a sale. He wasn’t around to try them on, but I guessed they would be fine. And for $11 for fancy-brand jeans I was willing to risk it. When he got around to putting them on for the first time 6 months later (typical), they were already too tight for him to wear.

From a 42-inch waist to a 38-inch waist.

Fast forward to this week, when the jeans he has been wearing were literally falling off his body and he rummaged in the closet and found the jeans from 4 years ago and a shirt that he couldn’t fit into for years, because it was too small at 2XL.

From 4XL to 2XL

It’s like traveling back in time seeing him fit in these clothes. I’m really proud of him. He has worked really hard and even though he’s not always crazy about going for a run, he has been really supportive.

Look how these smaller clothes fit. This would have been impossible just a little while ago.
Look how these smaller clothes fit. This would have been impossible just a little while ago.

Although, I have a new nemesis… A few, actually. I think the waitstaff at the cafe where my husband can be found most days enjoying his daily cup of coffee is out to sabotage his very obvious weight loss. They started bringing him little cookies and chocolates to go with his latte unsolicited. At first it was just one waitress, but then it spread to the male waiters. I think they’re trying to fatten him up again, like a Christmas turkey, or maybe they think I’m starving him. Whenever I go with him they don’t give him any free offerings. Highly suspect… They must think I’m a terrible wife.


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