Treadmills, Barbeque, and Dogs

It has been a relaxing 3 days while we have been dog-sitting and staying at our friends’ house. Our most difficult decisions are what to eat (anything on the grill), what to watch (any mid-1990s film), and when to run (preferably when an episode of Friends is on – Am I the only one who can still happily watch it?).

I thought running on a treadmill was going to be easier than running in the park. Boy, was I wrong… I miss running with my hubby, because now with one treadmill we have to take turns. I miss the support he gives me by running next to me. For some reason, him sitting on the sofa and occasionally looking at me is not doing the trick.

photo courtesy of Viktor Hanacek at @Picjumbo

I used to get annoyed when people said “it’s so boring running on a treadmill.” However, as much as it pains me to admit I was wrong, I have to say it is kinda boring. I miss passing people, the wind blowing my hair, I even miss the sound of traffic. There is something very sterile about running on a treadmill. To keep myself going I started imagining myself running in the park according to the time and guessing where I would be if I was there.

While I am quite surprised by my aversion to treadmills I still love eating grilled anything from the bbq in the backyard here. We’ve had burgers, chicken thighs, wings, and I bought eggplant, red peppers, and onions to grill next.

We are here to dog-sit a bulldog who today got so excited chasing a cat that she ran off to the neighbor’s garden (unexpected cardio and panic), where she promptly forgot all about the cat and pooped in the middle of their meticulously manicured garden. So, while we (and I mean my hubby) picked up the dog’s tailor-made addition to their garden, we were reminded of the chores having a dog entails.

I ran on Friday night a few hours after my root canal. I couldn’t do my full 14 minutes run / 3 minutes walk 3 times. I just didn’t have the energy. I probably should have waited until at least the next day to run, but I would have had serious guilt otherwise. But, on Sunday I ran again and I was much better.

Do you ever have runner’s guilt when you don’t run?


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