French Fries Are My Kryptonite

Do you cheat when you run? Do you say you’ll run 5 km and then only do 4.9 km and call it a day?

I’ve been running sans husband all week since we are using a treadmill at our friends’ place. While there are many issues with running on a treadmill that I am discovering, one of the things that makes it difficult is that it’s too easy to stop early and not finish a 5-km or 10-km run (I’ve never done a 10-km run, but it sounds good, right?).

So, as I was struggling to finish my intervals yesterday  I just wanted to press “stop,” and jump off the machine. Who would know that it was just 3 minutes until the end? Running with someone keeps me accountable. We don’t talk that much during running, because I think both of us are too focused on running, but having someone running with me keeps me going.

I guess I don’t have enough willpower on my own still. I’m the type who can’t not finish a bag of candy or who will get just one more cup of coffee even when I’m running late. My motto is “one more won’t kill me” – this applies to lasagna, a beer, chocolate, and my ultimate Kryptonite french fries (mmm…. french fries).

The second love of my life, which I've eaten 3 times this week. Photo courtesy of pixabay.
The second love of my life, which I’ve eaten 3 times this week. Photo courtesy of pixabay.

Of course, this is what got me to 113 kg in the first place – No willpower. I have to figure out how to train my mind so I don’t sabotage myself regarding food or exercise.

Funny enough, when my husband has been out of town and I’ve had to run in the park by myself I could do it, and I didn’t cheat. I finish the full time.

So, do you cheat?


2 thoughts on “French Fries Are My Kryptonite

  1. I’m too scared to cheat. I’ve trained my mind so to speak for so long. For me getting out of or too out of shape scares me. I don’t want to end up on medication or I don’t want my body to stop working right because of me “cheating”. So if anything I will do that extra set of I think I didn’t count right or I add an extra minute or two if I had to get off the treadmill or bike to get the mail from the mailman. I’m just too scared. I’d love to have someone to motivate me; keep me going but again I’ve trained myself and my mind to just do it. Btw, fries are delicious.


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