Goodbye Treadmill

We have thrown our hands in the air over the treadmill. It just isn’t for us. At one point when we were in the talking stages of starting to run we actually thought about getting a “dreadmill.” I am so glad we didn’t!

We have opted instead for the elliptical trainer that sits next to the treadmill at our friends’ house. Perhaps because using an elliptical trainer is new for us, it was much easier.

Or maybe it was due to the fact that one of the best (read cheesiest) films was on while we were using it the first time, Point Break. Patrick Swayze as a surfer/bank robber and Keanu Reeves as an undercover FBI agent. You have to admit the early ’90s were a fun time.

Can you see the sweat?

Not that the elliptical was easy. I am still sweating for my life. I did 36 minutes and hubby managed 30 the first time. It is quite different from running, but without hitting the ground it is easier on my hips and joints. So the plan for the last few days was to use the elliptical and forego the treadmill until we return to our own house and the park I so dearly miss.

In other news, one of the other benefits of dog-sitting is the pool they have in their complex. I have never been the type to jump for joy at the idea of wearing a swimsuit, but shedding 13 kg has given me some confidence. I have muscles that are visible now. My jelly belly is just belly since it is considerably smaller.

Hello toes!
Hello toes!

The last time I wore a swimsuit was 3 summers ago and I had to buy a new one because mine didn’t fit. This week I put it on and it is a little big.

It is really amazing how fast our bodies have reacted to running and eating healthy. It’s only been a few months. We used to be the couple with matching triple chins and now we are both on the precipice of losing our double chins.

Tonight we will return to our house and if we have the energy we will try to get a run in.


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