A Small Fire is Burning

Our little 10-day dog-sitting adventure cost me a little in weight. Maybe it was the 3 beers or the bag of chips I shared with my hubs… Thank goodness we didn’t order pizza as planned. It probably would have been worse. We were fairly good about eating and exercising. So, I got down to 100.9 kg and now I am at 101.1 kg… So, my most important goal is to get back to 1oo.9 kg. There’s something quite evil about losing the same weight twice – like a rash that won’t go away.

We got home last night around 8:30pm from our friends’ place and not 30 minutes later were on our way to the park for a run. I wasn’t the only one who truly missed it all last week and was genuinely excited to run in the park. Both my hubby and I were starved for running outside. But as soon as I started changing into my running clothes I started feeling less sure about the run  and proceeded to psyche myself out.

I’m not sure why this happened. Maybe I put too much pressure on myself. The whole walk to the park I was telling my husband that if we just did one interval I would be happy. On any other day this would have been a ridiculous thing for me to say. On any other day he would have laughed at the ridiculousness of it, but I wasn’t the only one feeling in-confident about the run. It wasn’t until the first interval of 14 minutes was over that we realized we could do all 3 intervals.

We decided during the first interval of walking to add an extra minute to the last interval of running and extend it to 15 mins. If all went well tonight, on our next run we would try 3 intervals of 15 minutes running. We got a little behind schedule from where we should be according to the running program over at breaking muscle, but I’d like to try and get back to it if possible now that we are home. That 10-k race in October is looming.

My running got a little slow in the last interval last night and my hubs ended up a few paces ahead of me. Right when I thought he was going to pull away he stopped. We were just 3 and a half minutes from the end of the entire run. But, with the high humidity he was having trouble controlling his breathing. He motioned for me to carry on and I did, even through the extra minute. Neither of us has ever given up in the middle of a run. It was a little hearth-breaking to see him out of breath and unable to go on.

When I finished a few minutes later and found him he told me the real reason: A small fire was burning where his inner thighs rub together… It was just too painful to keep on running. He was running his skin raw. I know the pain, but I wear running pants that prevent this from happening whereas he is wearing looser track pants.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

When will our inner thighs stop touching? When will we lose weight there? I have this horrible feeling it will be one of the last places we will lose weight and yet it is one of the most desirable places to lose weight.

So, I think we will have to do something about this. Last night, as I said, was extremely humid. We are just part-way through summer. I’m trying to think of solutions to this chubby runners’ problem. So, if any of you have any advice, feel free to leave a comment. How do we stop the small fire burning?


11 thoughts on “A Small Fire is Burning

  1. I get them all of the time. There are anti-chafe products that rub on like deodorant (I use Glide). I’m not 100% sure if they really work. I occasionally change my gait to account for it. Sometimes the gait is wide, sometimes making them touch actually works. I think the solution is getting the right pair of shorts, though. As far as your question goes: it goes away within a day. I find that I’m able to run the day after…but oh yeah does it burn (the day of) when I take a shower immediately afterwards.


  2. Use anti chafe stick or gel. Body glide, gold bond anti chafe, Monistat anti chafe gel or aquafor. I never run in shorts without a good thick layer on my inner thighs.
    Rub the stick or gel wherever you chafe. Thighs arms under bra etc

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  3. The dreaded chafe! I know it too well. For starters don’t let that fire discourage him. Sometimes it never goes away and that is not indicative of health or fitness. As for a solution, a very cheap one is corn starch. I know it sounds funny but it does the same as any of the powders you buy out there specifically for this problem and the best part is you probably already have it in your kitchen. It’s great to see that you and your spouse are on this journey together. Studies have shown you are more likely to succeed this way! I bet come October you both will be kicking some serious butt!

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      1. I’ve never had any problems with either. There’s only one pair of shorts where chafing is a problem. They’re on the shorter side, which leads to the thigh rubbing issue. But because the short inseam is shorter there’s no contact of Vaseline with fabric. Also I’m applying less than liberally and a bit more than sparingly, so that may be prevnting the mess while still protecting my thighs from chafing.

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