Two Kids Playing Dress-Up

I can’t remember losing weight so noticeably as I have with running. It’s just been since March when we started with 1 minute intervals of running and walking, but I really see results.

Tonight we took a night off running. I didn’t want to, but my body is not up for running every night. Neither is my hubby’s. We also run better when we stick to every other day at this point. When I run consecutive days in a row I don’t have the energy, and I really feel like I’m going in slow-motion at the end of the run. I hate that feeling of running through mud. It’s so much better to feel empowered and accomplished at the end.

I suppose I’ve been wanting to get back to running and lose some weight since the fourth year of my marriage. That’s the year we both started packing it on. We’ve moved 2 times since then and each time I have gone through our stuff – books, clothes, dishes, etc. – and thrown out or donated the things we don’t use.

Somehow in every move I watch a box of jeans get loaded in the back of the moving truck. Jeans that we got too big for or were bought too small in the hopes of eventually fitting into them. I rationalized saving them all, because jeans are relatively expensive, hard to find in a flattering style, and sometimes hard to find in your size. I don’t know why I became such a jeans hoarder, but I suppose I am.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

My hubs was complaining about his jeans today. They are quite baggy. And, a light bulb went off… What about that stash of jeans?

I think we spent a solid half hour trying on trousers and jeans from what feels like a time capsule tonight. Some of the styles don’t seem so stylish, but I have so many pairs of pants now! So does my hubby. Every pair of trousers sparked a memory of when I used to wear them and the things we used to do. Suddenly dragging that heavy box from apartment to apartment has paid off. I even found jeans that are already too big in there, which stings a little, because I could have worn them again (finally). But, it’s kind of nice seeing how far we’ve come. Every size we pulled out of the box is like a layer of rock telling us our history.

So, despite feeling like I need a hoarding intervention, I’m really happy with what we’ve accomplished so far. It’s nice to see progress.

The only decision now is what to do with the clothes that are too big. I don’t want to jinx it by getting rid of them. I’m all about karma. If I get rid of all the bigger clothing, I think we’ll need it one day. But, my hubs says we have to “burn the bridge” with being chubby and donate everything that is too big. What do you think?

Do you save clothes you can’t fit into anymore?


2 thoughts on “Two Kids Playing Dress-Up

  1. I agree with your husband, burn the bridge and get rid of clothes that don’t fit. The only clothes I would keep is ones that are too small and work toward getting into them.


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