Immediate Running Gratification

Yesterday evening as we took our walk to the park where we run we decided on our running strategy. We are the masters of changing running plans. I think this is the 5th or 6th time we have altered our running plans. We did it here, here, and here. We’ve decided to increase our running time from 3 intervals of running 14 minutes / walking 3 minutes to running 15 minutes / walking 3 minutes 3 times. Our plan is to do it one more time (hopefully Friday) and then bump up the time to 3 intervals of 16 minutes running / walking 3 minutes.

photo courtesy of pixabay

Normally we raise the running time once a week. So, why the urgency? First, the countdown to the 10-K race over on the right side of the blog is looming heavily on me. I have no doubt I will be able to run 10 km by October at the rate we are going. We are already running more than 6 km. My issue is that I won’t have time to work on getting faster at running 10 km. I don’t need to win the race or anything, but I want to give it my best shot. Having enough time to run 10 km regularly would be nice before the race.

The second reason is that we have spent at least a couple weeks running at the same interval times, and when we couldn’t run outside and had to use a treadmill for a week we opted instead for the elliptical trainer. I want us to advance a little more and little more often.

So, with the decision made, we then ran last night at the new interval…

It was 9:15pm when we started running, well past sunset. There was even a breeze that at times felt like it was pushing against me. Of course, the last interval was hard. I slowed down, but not too much. The problem was the humidity. Even with a breeze, I was soaked in sweat. A little sweat mustache appeared within 5 minutes of starting the first interval. At the end of the run as I hobbled over to a bench to cool down, I was a dripping mess. I’ve never ever sweat like this. I think there was even sweat in my belly button…

I felt accomplished after the run, but I also felt wrecked. I didn’t sleep much the night before and I had a long day of work. So, when we got home, which took a while because I really slowed down walking there, I started falling apart. A cold-ish shower, followed by a salad that, to be honest, I forced myself to eat didn’t make me feel any better. I really didn’t feel good. Maybe I pushed myself too much tonight? I wish Summer came without the horrible hot, sticky weather.

In any case, the hopes of the pre-run chat and the post-run reality came to a head. I want us to increase our running time, but I don’t know if that’s such a great idea seeing how I reacted after the run. Even this morning I feel a little bit like I was hit by a truck.

When increasing running time how much should you raise the time by and how often?


5 thoughts on “Immediate Running Gratification

  1. The general rule is not to increase by more than 10% per week.

    But what you might find is that a slight switch in thinking helps; It’s not the run that improves your running, it’s the next day recovery.

    A lot of people (me included) make the mistake of thinking that the more (perceived) effort and the more they run, the better at it they will be. But if you’re not getting enough rest and allowing your body to recover, you end up worse off.

    The danger after a poor run is to immediately head back out the next day, determined to make amends. Don’t. Take a day off, then run the day after like it doesn’t matter how far you run, or for how long. Make sure you enjoy the running for it’s own sake.

    Either way, well done for getting out there (and making it back)!

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    1. Thanks… I’ve heard the 10% rule before, but wondered if others use it or something else when they are training. I still consider us newbies having only started running in March so we have a lot to learn.

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      1. I tend to go with around 15% – 20% increase, but try to slip back and have an easy week at the end of the month, going back to doing what I was doing at the start. It’s a really good way to see how far you’ve come, and have a (slight) rest too…


  2. hi! you guys are doing great!!! i would suggest the “hit by a truck”!rule of thumb. if it feels like you’ve been hit by a truck, that’s no bueno. unless you like getting hit by trucks. You have a LONG time till your race. just stay consistent and take it easy enough that you’re still excited to run the next day. just a thought.

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