A Break From Coffee

All day yesterday I felt like my body was in recovery from the run the night before. I sat at the computer yesterday morning and misspelled simple, everyday words until late in the afternoon. Thinking was not coming easily. Being tired from running was one part of the problem and I think it was also a symptom of serious coffee withdrawal. I drink coffee every day, but I don’t usually drink it in the mornings, and usually just one.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

I used to have a serious coffee addiction that started with 2 cups of coffee in the morning and just went on throughout the day and evening. I was in my 20s though and it was manageable. I went off coffee for a while as part of my temporary “I’m vegan” episode and then, after getting married we started drinking coffee in the mornings, every morning. As life got busier and we both had long commutes, making coffee just became impractical. We switched, unfortunately, to diet cola. I wish we hadn’t because it became a many-years-long habit. And, in the meantime, we still drank coffee at cafes and restaurants and at work.

The build-up to getting healthy and losing weight started way before we actually tried to lose weight or be healthy. I guess it takes a while to get motivated. It started a year or so ago when we quit drinking soda, cola – I guess anything ending in an “a.” Honestly, it hurt at the beginning, but we got used to it.

In fact, we didn’t replace it with anything except water. Suddenly we were drinking water constantly. The first thing I do, to this day, after waking up is drink a half liter of water (thanks to those huge ikea glasses they sell in boxes of 6). With dinner, water. At work, water.

But last week we stayed at our friends’ place and when we’re there we always drink coffee. Even though they weren’t there during our stay, the habit of drinking coffee lingered in their absence and we had coffee as soon as we woke up and throughout the day. 10 days of this already formed a habit. We’ve only been back at our own house for a few days and I guess I’m like an addict having the shakes and need a fix. We don’t even have coffee at our house.

So, I guess the next few days (and I hope that’s all it will take) will be all about breaking my newly acquired addiction. But, I have learned an invaluable lesson: the combination of post-running fatigue and coffee withdrawal is best to be avoided.

We’re running tonight and I’m going to try to be mindful about drinking more water today in hopes that it will help with the post-run “I-feel-like-I-was-hit-by-a-truck” feeling.

What bad habits did you quit to get healthy?


8 thoughts on “A Break From Coffee

  1. I quit all of them! Although I still have a (black) coffee in the mornings, other than tea, I only drink water or occasional fruit juices. No alcohol, no fizzy drinks.

    Food is the same story – no meat, no processed sugars. Everything is fresh ingredients, I don’t even buy jars of sauces, preferring to make my own from scratch.

    I’m probably a little extreme in this though, and my job makes it easy for me to find new products and keep it interesting. It helps that I love vegetables too!

    I have to admit though – I’m contemplating treating myself to a pizza for dinner tonight, as Kasia is away for the weekend, and it’s a rest day…

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    1. I stopped using processed, pre-prepared food like sauces, too. I still drink coffee but I don’t drink it to wake up in the morning or use it as a crutch. But, I think completely denying those “bad foods” is not useful. But I will say I had beer and chips on the weekend and it wasn’t as good as I remember after eating healthy for months and I really felt kind of gross after.

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  2. I quit chewing tobacco. Even though a can would last me a few days, I decided I needed to stop in order to take tunning serious again. I know so many people who are coffee addicts and I am so lucky that the 1 I drink before work is good enough for me


  3. I stay away from processed foods as much as possible and I have never drank coffee. I am hyper enough as it is in the morning I can’t imagine me on coffee. My bad habit is after all these years and all my running I still have an occasional smoke. Mainly when I am out and had 2 or 3 beers. It’s about once a month. I have gone as far a 3 and 4 months and then will smoke 3 or 4 cigarettes. Such a filthy thing to do and I know it!


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