Getting Over the Running Hump

On our run Friday evening my body had a running epiphany. It was like no other previous run for me. It was enjoyable! I know that may sound strange. You may be thinking, “If you don’t enjoy running, why are you doing it?” And, I do like running, but it’s hard. It’s not coming naturally to me. In fact, sometimes I really have to push myself through it. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. In fact, I love succeeding at running and moving over a long distance at my own power. It’s quite motivating.

The first 15 minutes flew by Friday night. I didn’t struggle. I didn’t keep checking my watch. I could just enjoy the run. I almost wish we were not doing intervals and didn’t stop to walk for 3 minutes. Some of my momentum was lost on the second interval, but it was still better than any other run I have done. Though, it  was still a bit grueling the last 5 minutes of the last interval.

photo courtesy  of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

It was truly a miraculous feeling enjoying the run and running with relative ease for part of it. It really helped that it was windy, knocking the humidity out of the equation. I could feel my leg muscles working and I really had a positive feeling during the majority of the run.

Up to now, running has been a means to an end – losing my jelly belly. But, it has taken on a new meaning. I always liked running, but now it is more genuine.

Then, on Sunday we increased our 3 intervals of running to 16 minutes. I was hesitant that I wouldn’t have the same positive, running experience as Friday. But, guess what? It was even better. It’s like I have crossed over the proverbial running hump. My body must be getting used to it. I didn’t check my watch in agony. I didn’t have to use any mind games to keep myself running. The first and second intervals were really good, and in the third interval when I usually start losing my steam I actually had energy and finished really strong.

It helps that the weather was cooperative – cool and windy. But, I think I have finally gotten used to running and my body is no longer fighting its urge to just stay home and watch something.

When you began running do you remember when you started enjoying it?


6 thoughts on “Getting Over the Running Hump

  1. For me it was when I ran my first race. A half marathon after having been running 5 kilometres once a week for the summer. Call it a midlife crisis. But I ran the half marathon, found out my time was actually considered good, and then I was hooked.


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