A Non-Running Injury

This weekend we found ourselves dog-sitting once again. Our friends needed to take care of some family matters out-of-town and asked us to watch their bulldog for a few more days. Of course we agreed since we love our friends and their dog (probably the dog a bit more). Although, I think this dog is getting old because she farts unabashedly multiple times a day. It goes without saying that the windows are constantly open to let some fresh air in.

I wasn’t looking forward to running on a treadmill since it is the only option at their house. They live on a hill that should really be categorized as a mountain, amongst a series of mountains. For us, who run on a fairly flat path in the park, this is just a no-go.

We came on Thursday evening and the plan was to skip the running and use their elliptical machine. Well, the best laid plans… I pulled a muscle in my lower back Friday morning and spent the rest of the day barely able to sit down and stand up. Needless to say, running and even using the elliptical was totally out of the question. On Saturday and Sunday I felt better, but my back was still a little tender.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

My husband has been dealing with some hip pain and had decided to take a break from all exercise during the whole duration of our stay, so this turned into the plan for both of us. While I’m a little disappointed, maybe a rest will do me good. I am just hoping that tonight I can run.

I’m a bit frustrated with the timing of this non-running injury. I have had chronic back problems for more than 10 years as a result of a car accident. A friend and I were sitting in the back of a taxi when it was rear-ended by a drunk driver going through a red-light. I managed to get better, after much physical therapy, and continued running a year later. But, when I quit running altogether a couple of years after that and started gaining weight my back problems got worse. Until we started running this year in March, I could easily pull a back muscle and be stuck in bed for a few days at the drop of a hat, multiple times a year.

Despite the fact that losing weight was one of the goals of running, one of my other hopes was that running would help strengthen my back muscles and that losing some jelly belly would save my back from undue work. This pulled muscle in my back doesn’t feel like the other times I’ve hurt it. I think I bent down awkwardly. It wasn’t just from everyday life as my other back injuries have been.

We will see how it goes the rest of the day, but I am quite cautious when it comes to my back. But, since we started running I haven’t had any back problems until this weekend. Maybe it is helping. The silver lining is that I can work on my tan by the pool without much guilt.

Has running helped any of your health issues?


7 thoughts on “A Non-Running Injury

  1. Just take it slow and let your injury heal, last thing you want to do is make it worst. I have lower back problems and running really seems to help me, well that and a chiropractor but for the most part it’s the running that really helps. I make sure to listen to my body though and not over work it on days that there is a lot of pain

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  2. Yoga. Yoga is the only reason I run this much and recovered from getting rear-ended a few years back. My neck was a mess until I found yoga . Get to yoga, massages and take running slow when needed! Rest up and feel better! ❤️😀

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  3. And def get to a class or two as well. At home is good but an instructor and help your alignment, give you modifications for your injury and running tightness and can really open you up more to help your back. Def worth a few classes in studio with an instructor. 🙂 good luck!


  4. I am so sorry to hear about your injury. I think many of us can feel your frustration. I was out for nearly 6 months with mine and it really sucks when you have some many desires and goals! I hope it gets better soon for you.

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    1. I appreciate that! Chronic back problems is something I’ve dealt with since my early twenties because of a car accident and it can rear its ugly head at any time. No running today, hopefully soon. Run one for me this week.


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