TV Addicted (because I can’t run)

This back pain I’m having has really slowed me down. The timing, however, could not have been better ironically. We spent Thursday through Monday at our friends’ place dog-sitting (again). We bought all the groceries when we arrived and didn’t have to leave the house the whole time. So, when I hurt my back Friday morning I didn’t have to do anything, except keep their dog alive (mission accomplished, by the way).

What did we do? We watched movies on their TV and binge-watched the first few episodes of True Detective. By the way, why do people not like this season? I think it’s really good. So far.

We don’t watch TV normally. When my hubby and I moved in together and got married we never got around to buying a TV. Being young and cash-poor at the time, it was not a priority.

All these years later, we still haven’t bought one. So, we were like kids eating candy at a friend’s house that our mom has forbidden this past weekend. It was TV all day, every day.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

But, now we are back at our house; back at our regularly scheduled programming. And, back to a no-TV home. I think I’m having TV withdrawal. I need that glowing rectangle mounted on the wall at all times now.

What would be perfect to take the edge off the lack of TV is a run. Instead, I opted not to run yesterday evening. More precisely, I couldn’t run. I’m a bit sad and disappointed, but it’s for the best. My back is just not up to the task. It feels sensitive and tender, and I’m not so sure it can tolerate a run. I can barely carry my bag without my back feeling uncomfortable.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

So, it seems I won’t be able to run for the next couple days. In light of this, I encouraged my husband to do our regular run without me this evening. It’s been a week since he ran and I think it’s a good idea that he try.

Although he could only do about half our typical run of 3 intervals of 16 minutes due to going too fast and not being able to control his breathing as a result, I’m very proud of him for trying and doing as much as he did. It is very clear that without me, who runs rather slow, that he can’t pace himself at a reasonable speed, which is not a problem except for those times when I can’t run with him.

So, I’ll keep tapping my fingers on the table waiting for my back to get better.


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