The Scale Says “Please Get On One At A Time”

Yesterday was the first day I had without back pain or discomfort. So, I think it’s finally time to try a run. I’ve mentally planned a run for this evening with my hubby. It’s been a full week of no running because of this back pain.

I told myself that if I had a full day of no pain I would let myself try to run the next day. Nothing crazy. If it’s slow, if I can’t run all 3 16-minute intervals, if I need to take an unscheduled break, whatever it is I will be fine with it. I just want to run. However it goes, I will be happy and satisfied and dancing running on cloud 9.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

Not that I haven’t had fun here on the blog writing about everything, but running – like recipes or running shoe reviews of my sofa. A girl has to keep herself busy so that she doesn’t go crazy while she can’t run.

Not running isn’t the only thing that’s been bothering me. I’ve lost 13 kg with running since March and not running has me worried I’ll just gain it all back. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I really don’t want to have to re-lose any of those kilos.

A few months ago, when we had only been running a 5 or 6 weeks, we bought a scale that measures not only your weight, but also your muscle mass and fat. It seemed like a good idea at the time, standing there in the store, comparing it to the other scales.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

When we got it home and we took turns getting on it, however, I realized that we had bought the rudest scale on the planet. And I mean downright rude! This scale is a jerk.

It wouldn’t calculate my fat or muscle mass because my chubby body was 60% fat or more. The display just gave me an “error.” This stupid scale was basically telling me to “please, get on the scale one person at a time, because obviously there are 2 of you standing on me.” This went on for weeks. Every Monday morning when my Hubs and I weigh ourselves, I watched as he would get the details on how well he was doing; the fat he was losing (31.5% to 29.5%) and the muscle he was gaining (36% to 37%) while I just got how much I weighed.

Even though I lost weight steadily this smart aleck scale wouldn’t give me a reading on my fat or muscle mass. Only recently did this change at the end of June and I haven’t been paying attention, because that scale is mean and I’m a little slow to forgive.

So, this week we weighed ourselves and I actually paid attention to what the scale was saying. My husband would chime in here and say that’s typical. But, this time it was saying something pretty good. I’m proud to say that I’m only 55.5% body fat at this point. While I know that is still a lot, it’s at least 5% less than before (and maybe more if that scale had given me a proper reading). My muscle mass is improving too. I’ve gone from 20% muscle to 21.9% since about a month ago.

We’ve been eating well this week, despite not running, and I suppose it’s helping maintain our current weight. I just can’t wait until the workday is over and I can slip on my running shoes and go for a run this evening.


7 thoughts on “The Scale Says “Please Get On One At A Time”

  1. I hope your run goes ok tonight my lovely and that you don’t get anymore back pain.

    and as for your scale – how rude!! How useful is a scale that doesn’t tell you anything? if be inclined to just go by how I felt rather than the mean scale!
    K xx

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  2. Good luck with your run!

    I don’t have a scale. Scales make me crazy. So I weigh in once a week at Weight Watchers. I do wish I had a way to track my body fat.

    That’s awesome that yours has gone down! That is one of the most important things – much more important than the actual number on the scale. Congrats!

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