What Every Runner Needs – Running Gear Review

Since I’m currently on the bench this week due to a flare-up with my back I thought I’d do something different – my inaugural product review for the Skinny Running website. Like most of you, I’m sure, product reviews are really useful when you are considering a purchase whether large or small. Like many runners, shoe reviews are always something I look for when considering buying a pair.

For Skinny Running’s first, ever review I’m going to give you all the necessary information and specifications on an item that I constantly use these days, an essential gadget that every runner needs – a sofa.

So, let’s get started…

Ikea’s KIVIK 3-person sofa


Fit: I find that the KIVIK sofa fits runners of all shapes and sizes, whereas with some brands of shoes I can’t get my chubby feet comfortably into them. There is universal appeal with the KIVIK sofa. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say 99% of people will fit on this sofa.

Durability: Running shoes wear out, sofas are forever (well, 5 -10 years I’d say). Everything expires. Running shoes last around 300 – 500 miles they say. My sofa is going strong 2 years after purchase. That’s even with daily workouts and miles and miles hours and hours of sitting. Truth be told, this sofa is so good I don’t even realize I’m marathon training. I can only run about 7 km at the moment, but with this sofa I feel like I’m sitting 42 km easy. Do your shoes do that?

Look: What truly sold me on this particular sofa, besides the price, is the fact that unlike typical running shoes this sofa’s appearance can be changed according to your aesthetic desires. So, whenever you feel like a new color just buy a new cover. We chose charcoal grey, but it comes in white, red, brown, and many more colors. Can you change the color of your running shoes? I don’t think so. But, wouldn’t that be rad?

Stability: The structure of the sofa keeps your back and legs at a 90 degree angle. Although it is easy to find yourself slowly slouching downward until your head is resting on the armrest and you are inexplicably fully horizontal. So, some attention needs to be paid to your sitting gait.


This sofa provides a decent workout during assembly, especially upper-body. Unfortunately, the workout is a one-off unless you are the sadistic kind of person who enjoys assembling and re-assembling your furniture unnecessarily.

I really want to emphasize the cushioning technology. For the heavy runner or runners who just need more cushion, the KIVIK sofa offers a lush, cushioned surface to park your derriere on after a run. The only disadvantage is that before a run it can be difficult extricating your bum from its supple softness.

In conclusion, the KIVIK sofa is a sofa without the gimmicks of yearly updates and “new technology” that is constantly pushed down our throats by sports brands, but timeless in style that will have you achieving your sitting / laying down workout goals in no time. All at an affordable price.

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

If you’d like to see more reviews on this site just let me know or, better still, send me a doctor to heal my back so that I can actually start running again.

Can you tell I miss running?

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation to write this review. All opinions are my own and I’m pretty sure the maker of this sofa would rather pay me not to share them.


11 thoughts on “What Every Runner Needs – Running Gear Review

  1. You certainly do have a good sense of humor! I find a sofa lasts us about 15-20 years. We’ve been married almost 30 & we’re on our 3rd (the first was quickly relinquished to the family run in favor of a new one when we got married).

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  2. Haha…funny review! Sorry your back is out. I wouldn’t be very happy if I couldn’t run either. I’m pretty sure my family wouldn’t be either!
    I have a blog I’m just trying to get started. It is about my 2 favorite things, running and travel. Please visit sometime if you get a chance! https://travelrunstyle.wordpress.com/

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  3. Nice! Yes please more reviews 🙂 hope you recover soon.
    Have you thought about / is it possible/comfortable to do some aqua swimming??
    Just need a pool where you can fully get everything but your head underwater without touching the bottom, then run on the spot – kinda

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  4. What a fun post! Thanks for charting new territory in runners’ gear reviews! Good luck with your recovery. Not being able to run is so tough.
    PS-I love it that the comment above this is from” Getupoffathatcouch:. How perfect!

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