Walker Turned Runner

Last night was my second run since taking a week and a half off due to back pain. While the first run on Friday was a relief to have done, even though I only ran for 32 minutes and 5 km, I really wanted last night’s run to be 48 minutes and our usual 7.5 km with all my intervals completed.

Of course the weather was non-cooperative to say the least. Hot and humid is not fun to run in, but the park was empty-ish and we gave it our best shot.

I felt better than Friday’s run and didn’t notice any back pain or tightness until the final 5 minutes. And it was very mild. So I managed all 3 intervals without having to decide if continuing running would injure me further or not.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

But, I did get a little annoyed on our run. We pass a lot of walkers on our runs along the seaside and pass normally without incident. Sometimes it is like running an obstacle course on the weekend when it is more crowded, dodging little kids on bicycles with training wheels and toddlers so excited to move by their own power that they are basically running in place, but in general I can’t complain much.

Looking at all the different kinds of people and what they are doing is one of the things I like about running in the park. We get to see families having a picnic, couples arguing, puppies playing fetch; I enjoy seeing what people do as I run.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

Last night we passed a guy among many people who had a small man’s bag crossed over his body. He was walking to be sure. We carried on running and turned around a kilometer later and, as one does, passed him again (still walking). We were in the last third of our second interval when we passed him this time and then about a minute before the interval was to end he passed us carrying his little man’s bag in front of him like a tiny briefcase. He held it away from his body like it was stinky trash. I never saw anyone run with a little bag like this before.

My hubby and I just looked at each other with raised eyebrows wondering what his deal was. We started our 3-minute walking interval and watched him go on, only to witness him stop running as soon as he turned a corner along the path a 150 meters ahead of us. It was weird. He could not have been running but a few minutes.

My hubby and I started running the last interval and quickly caught up to him. As we approached this walker-turned-runner from behind and were mere steps away from him he must have heard us breathing laboriously in the heat. He turned his head, looked at us, and hauled ass down the path once again.

He took a different way than us, but I followed him with my eye and saw him stop a minute or so later. Again, my hubby and I just looked at each other kind of miffed.

This behavior is so annoying to me. I can’t think of a reason why you would do that, but it just seemed like poor runners’ etiquette.

Regardless, I want to thank that weirdo for motivating me to keep running strong through the third interval. Normally I start pooping out, but yesterday, despite the crap weather, this guy kept me going.

I wish he didn’t use us as a timer/spring board to start running, but there’s not much I can do about it. If only he had pretended to look at his watch and start running, like it was planned.

Have you got any weird running stories? Have you run into any unusual runners?


13 thoughts on “Walker Turned Runner

  1. That is so strange! Maybe he saw you guys running and it inspired him! Kind of sounds like he was racing you, though. One time, I was running in downtown Bethlehem (which is actually a nice area) and actually witnessed a guy doing something really gross that should never be done in public EVER – he was actually arrested and when there was an article written about it, they asked anyone who witnessed it to come forward and ID him so they could build a case against him, so I did. It was so disturbing. It was in a nice neighborhood, a main road and a very public place – not like I went running somewhere sketchy or something!


  2. There’s always the oddball somewhere. I run in a small town so I don’t see runners every day, but a lot of walkers don’t seem to be very friendly. I attempt to acknowledge a person if I pass them by. Glad you felt well enough to run. Hope the back continues to settle down.

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    1. Thanks. My back is doing better. My back muscles are a little tired today, probably from running last night, but otherwise it seems like I can continue with the running as normal…. Running isn’t terribly popular here either, yet this guy decided to race us, I guess.

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  3. My favorite place to run is a park near my house..There is a 1.1 mile loop around the perimeter. I run there all the time, and am on a hello or wave or even conversation status with all of the regulars. It is a very friendly place to run. But….every now and then, there will be groups of walkers. They are walking 3 abreast in the opposite direction as me. They will not give any ground at all!! Oooh boy that makes me mad. Always women, always a particular ethnic group, although different groups. Like what did they expect? Do they want me to get off the path for them to pass? Grrr. I’ve gotten to where I hold my real estate and keep running. I call it a runners brush back!

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  4. I was running on a trail in town recently at dusk. I’m usually not terribly worried about other people when I run, but I guess I was more aware because of the time of day or something. I passed a guy walking the opposite direction in jeans and no shoes or shirt. The trail is mostly loose gravel or cinder, so I thought it was kind of strange. He also wasn’t carrying shoes or anything else. But he was singing and he made me feel uncomfortable enough to look over my shoulder to be sure he wasn’t following me. I was running an out-and-back 6 miles and saw him again on my way back. He must have walked at least 2 miles barefoot and singing in a super creepy way.


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