Running Fail

Last night was a running fail – plain and simple. Looking back at what happened there were a few things not in our favor.

It was so hot yesterday and with it, of course, comes the humidity. So, the weather was working against us from the start. Strike 1.

I downloaded some new music onto my ipod, which sounds simple but it’s not. You see, the screen on my ipod stopped working just as we started running earlier this year. I know I should buy a new one, but I have all my spending money earmarked for other things. So, I’m stuck with it and my sad little ipod makes it difficult to choose any particular song to listen to when desired. I have to hold it up to my ear and listen for the clicks that direct me to my running playlist, like I’m breaking into a safe at a bank with a stethoscope.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

I’m weird about my music. My hubby always tries to get me to listen to his suggestions. But, I always refuse. I listen to stuff that’s from the 1990s, so it’s quite dated, and the majority of it was never very good to begin with. As we have extended our running time, I’ve had to gradually add more music, which is always a production with the dodgy screen.

Yesterday I was looking at inverted sneakers, another blog about running that I read all the time, where they were talking about running and music. She raved about X Ambassadors’ new song “Renegades.” It’s hard for me to change my running music. It always plays in the same order (since the screen doesn’t work and I can’t see what is going on) and, as a result, I know where I am in my running according to it. I pass the same places in the park on certain songs and I can see if I’m slow or fast that day.

So, upon suggestion I downloaded the X Ambassadors’ song as well as a couple more, including Sia’s “Elastic Heart.” I changed my running music and perhaps that was strike number 2 against the evening’s hopes of a decent run.

The first interval we ran strong and kept a good pace, but we were drenched in sweat from the crap weather. After the first minute of the second interval I slowed way down. I just couldn’t keep up the pace. It’s like someone was pulling me from behind when I ran. I could not get my body moving. It’s not comforting to continuously see my husband turning around looking to see if I’m still chugging along behind him, because he thinks I’ve collapsed or something. Collapsing on the pavement, though not likely, sounded pretty good.

Ironically, last night there were so many runners. I have never seen so many runners out and about in the park. At my snail’s pace, however, they all passed me. Quickly. It became demoralizing and strike number 3 against the night’s run.

At the break between the second and third interval I was really walking slow. My hubby looked at me and said, “Let’s call it quits. It’s too hot and too hard.” I know he said it only because I was struggling, and I know he could have gone on. But, he didn’t. We sat down on the bench and the sprinklers immediately started blasting us with cold water – the only good thing about this run.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

Of course, as we are sitting there on a bench and I’m recovering the wind picks up. I swear it was gale force winds, like a storm was coming. It’s not by the way; only more hot weather in the forecast. Where was this when we were running?

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

So, we only ran 2 of 3 intervals. But, we did increase our interval time from 16 to 17 minutes. And, not to make excuses, but my hubby and I are not light in any sense of the word. We are always the heaviest runners out in the park running. All those runners passing us tonight looked half our size. It’s hard running when you are heavy, especially when you are just starting out, and it’s hot. We are still losing weight and I will post about that some other time, but I refuse to pressure myself into meeting the ability level of these skinny runners considering where I am at.

I hope Friday’s run is a much better. The weather should be a bit cooler, maybe I’ll be used to my music, and perhaps I’ll be passing runners this time.

What happens to make you cut a run short? Do you have remorse or do you standby your decision afterwards?


18 thoughts on “Running Fail

  1. Sounds like you still gave it a good go in difficult conditions!

    Don’t worry about the other runners out there, the only person you can compare yourself to is YOU (and the progress that you have made)

    Unless they are running in the world championships in Beijing next month, which let’s face it none of us are, then even if they are passing you there will be people passing them too and they will ultimately feel the same at some point!

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  2. You still got in a great run! Great job increasing your interval time!
    I used to beat myself up over a bad run. But overtime I realized at least I was able to get out there no matter how long or short and knew I’d run again the next day or so and the rest might actually be good for me! Sometimes on my next run if I was feeling good, I’ll add a few minutes to it to make up the lost time. Sometimes not tho.
    Don’t heat yourself up. Y’all are doing great in very harsh weather! Heat is a runner killer! ❤️

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  3. Ahhhhh thanks for the shout out but I hope my music recommendation didn’t ruin your run! Side note – I used to buy iPod Nano’s but I would destroy them running – I bought a shuffle and it’s a lot cheaper and easier to use. Though, you can’t see the song on the display.

    I don’t think any run is a run fail. You didn’t skip it, and you listened to your body which is smart. You went out despite the conditions and tried one interval, didn’t feel great and did a second one – it’s not like you got a few seconds into your first interval and threw in the towel! Your body knows when it doesn’t want to be doing something – and in this heat, it makes the sport that we love so much very difficult. You are doing AWESOME, and I am confident that you will have a better run on Friday! 🙂

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  4. Honestly, sometimes the biggest accomplishment is that you went out and tried – which you obviously did, so great job! So much of running is a mental game, and your biggest competition is always yourself. Keep up the great work!

    If I have to cut a run short, I try to cut myself some slack and believe that the next run will be better for it.

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  5. It’s not a fail if you actually got out there and ran, it’s a fail if you didn’t start at all. And trust me I hate being passed but I try to remember that 1. at least I’m out running and 2. someday I might be able to pass someone if I keep it up. Great job getting out there in this horrible humidity!

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  6. I cut a run short this winter when the windchill was -41C. I gave it my best. I was heavily layered. Came into the house every 15-20 minutes to warmup and hydrate. But I couldn’t keep going. Ended up doing slightly less than half my intended distance and the peeling skin from my frostbit nose lasted about 3 weeks.

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  7. I am sorry for your fail. But the bright side I take from these when they happen to me is that without bad runs I would never know and be proud of my great runs. It’s a great balancing act that requires ups and downs and if you always had perfect runs you may get bored? I hope your Friday run turns out great. I must admit I smiled at the thought of you being a safe cracker with a stethoscope listening for the clicks on your I-Pod. It sucks but your painted a funny picture.

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  8. I’m not sure I’ve ever cut a run short! I’m a little bullheaded that way. I didn’t start running until I had lost most of my weight. It wasn’t really a conscious decision, but I do applaud people who are heavy & get out there running!

    Which doesn’t mean I couldn’t afford to lose 5-10 lbs, I could.

    You got out there & did your best – that’s all that matters! It’s better than not even trying.

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