Jelly Belly

Let’s talk jelly bellies. Sometimes I think this blog should be called “Jelly Belly Running” instead of “Skinny Running.” Maybe “Jelly Belly Trying to Run” is even better. It would definitely more accurately reflect the reality of what I am and doing. That goes for my hubby, as well. But, it kind of cuts me off short. Hopefully, fingers crossed, these jelly bellies of ours will make their presence less obvious after some hard work.

we definitely had buddha belly's before we started running; photo courtesy of pixabay
we definitely had buddha bellies before we started running; photo courtesy of pixabay

Being skinny is a goal, but I don’t want to confuse that with any desire to be sickly thin, where everyone is trying to feed me, because I look like I’m starving myself. The blog isn’t called after all.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

For me skinny is just looking and feeling lighter than when we started this running journey. We want to be healthy at the end, but that also means a farewell to the jelly bellies.

I started off weighing 113 kg. Probably more since we didn’t have a scale until fairly recently. Every Monday my husband and I weigh ourselves. We’ve seen a steady decrease in the numbers and it has been very, very satisfying. Getting below 100 kg was the first goal I wanted to achieve. I knew this would be difficult considering I’m also building muscle with the running, but I’m patient when I want something.

We’ve been eating super healthy. Very limited eating out, which we used to do 4 – 5 times a week at least, because of work schedules. When we do eat out we choose the healthiest options possible. We’re also eating less. This happened I think as a result of the Summer temperatures and starting running. I can’t eat as much as I used to, even if I wanted to. Running has really suppressed my appetite. Combined with 4 days of running every week, losing weight has not been problematic. Luckily.

Today, I cheated a bit and jumped on the scale. My jeans are getting so loose and it’s noticeable. And, if you are a reader of this blog from the beginning you know my issues with jeans (you can read what happened here). I was curious if the scale would reflect what I felt. So, I was really pleased when it read 98.6 kg or 217 lbs.

It’s really an accomplishment for me. I know the number on the scale isn’t the most important thing, but seriously I have too much extra weight that must get lost.

We have pretty much kept the fact that we are running and trying to lose weight to ourselves. So it was amusing today when we went to Starbucks and the barista that we always talk to there suddenly asked my husband, “How’s running going?” We definitely didn’t tell him that we were running. How did he know? It turns out he lives near us and has seen us chugging along, red and sweaty in the park in the evenings. He saw us there Wednesday night when I had my running fail.

I suppose our little secret is not so secret. I don’t really register people’s faces when we run. I’m too busy trying not to die from the humidity or completely engrossed in willing my legs to keep moving. My hubby on the other hand tends to wax philosophical when he runs and gives me the conclusions of his thoughts afterwards. I can’t think that deep as I try not to collapse in a pathetic pile. So, I don’t notice people, because I’m just trying to survive and he doesn’t notice people because he’s so caught up in his deep, theoretical thoughts. It got me thinking, if we are so busy in our heads and we didn’t recognize our barista at the park, maybe there are others out there. Friends or even neighbors that we are huffing and puffing passed without realizing it.

Can you have deep thoughts when you run? Or are you just trying to make it through?


22 thoughts on “Jelly Belly

  1. Well done on losing weight lovely, it’s hard but you are doing it and that’s fab.

    With regard to running – I don’t tend to notice people. like you I am often just trying not to fall over and willing my legs to get me home. I think I am at the point now where a few people know I’m running and more have probably seen me, but I’m not that bothered because at least I am trying to make a change and getting out there and doing it.

    keep going my lovely, you are doing amazingly xx

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      1. Running is hard – I sometimes wonder if it’s more my head saying no rather than my legs being heavy and it being hard to run.

        One day it will all click into place and running won’t be so hard and we will blitz the runs we currently find hard x

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      2. Do you really think it will? I hope so. Sometimes my runs are easy and awesome and then the next run on the same course for the same distance is a total disaster.


      3. I do think it will, I just think it will take time. And so much can have an effect on how we feel. I never run as well if it’s hot or if I haven’t left enough time between meals etc. I think part of running is about learning about what works and what didn’t and embracing good and bad runs. because even a bad run is better than no run and it shows you are trying and determined to make a huge life change x

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  2. Great job!! Keep it up!

    It’s amazing the thoughts I have running lol. I don’t run with music so my thoughts are all over the place and the string of thoughts is hilarious by the end. I even talk out loud to myself! Lol
    I def notice people too. I’m a waver and a hello-er when running! Lol

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      1. Lol yes I always motivationally talk to myself too!!
        I didn’t always run without music. It came after my hamstring injury and I can’t stand having music now. It almost hinders my runs! I do miss is sometimes but when I try to use it I can’t stand it! Lol

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  3. Congrats on the weight loss! You’re doing great. A friend of mine just went through a journey over the past year where she started running and lost 50lbs – she looks and feels great. It is so rewarding! I usually listen to music but sometimes I have deep thoughts – but only on the days where I’m just going out for a run. If I have to focus on pace for something, the deep thinking is not happening!!

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    1. I guess deep thoughts are over-rated… I hope I can be as successful as your friend. Losing 50 lbs is phenomenal. I guess 14 or so kg is like 32 lbs. Running really has been the key, along with diet. But despite my complaining I do like running.

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      1. I can tell you do 🙂 Most times, I complain about running more than I proclaim my love for it but at the end of the day, I love it! And you are not so far off of the 50lb mark yourself, sister!! You’re doing great.

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  4. First, congrats on your weight loss! That’s awesome.

    Sometimes I have deep thoughts . . . usually I’m not thinking about much – it’s actually a chance for me to get out of my head, because I’m in there most of the time.

    And sometimes, as I commented on another blog, I’m writing blog posts in my head which are promptly forgotten the moment I get home.

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  5. Love it that you’ve already lost so much weight!! So impressed and inspired! You’re lucky on the appetite suppressed thing. I have it too, and was able to lose 20 lbs that way. But everyone else in my family is famished Right after a run.

    And about your thinking question…. Yes, to deep or semi deep thoughts. Yes to music. And yes to being VERY social on my runs.

    Keep up the good work!!

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  6. I find my mind tends to be either blank or busy – well, when I say blank – I mean focused on the dynamic of runnnig – distance conversions, pace vs goal, how I am feel etc. etc. I like it when it is blank, especially when I can get distracted by interesting scenery. Although once, on a particularly tough trail run I became aware that my mind was reeling off scenes and songs from Monty Python’s Holy Grail – that was a weird day

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  7. I try to be very aware of my surroundings when I run. That includes looking for other humanoids and greeting them. I guess I’m one of those friendly runners that always says hi, waves or nods my head when your run past me. My thoughts don’t get too deep, though. I try not to think of anything (work, projects, etc) that makes me anxious and impatient trying to get back so I can do the things I was just thinking about. When you’re a run/blogger though, you tend to collect thoughts so that you may share them with others – and that’s what I tend to do; more so in the past, than now.
    I think, to each their own. Find your running persona and identity. It probably will evolve with you so need to worry too much about it.

    Congratz on the success so far – hopefully you won’t feel like passing out on each and every run in the future 🙂

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  8. Love your body. And by love your body I mean, “Do whatever it takes to make your body feel good.” We come in all shapes and sizes, but I feel too often society tells us to be something unrealistic. If weight loss is your goal, look into free weights. And if motivation is your goal, hit me up anytime. I got ya!

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