Running Karma

Running has gotten better since last week’s running fail on Wednesday. I had 2 good runs on Friday and Sunday. Last Wednesday we had planned on extending our running interval to 3 intervals of 17 minutes. It did not go well (read here). But, on Friday, our second attempt, things went much better.

I felt like our running karma was out of whack, especially with Wednesday’s debacle. As soon as we ran the second interval and gave up on doing the third the wind picked up. In fact, after every run when we are sitting on a park bench drinking water and just generally trying to recover, the wind seems to pick up and it feels awesome. Running in hot and humid weather is just no fun. I always ask myself “Where was this when we were running 5 minutes ago?!?”

To break the bad running karma we started running 20 minutes later than normal to see if we could catch some of this cool wind that magically appears every time post-run. I am not a superstitious person by any means, but every now and then I believe in karma. For example, if I don’t take my umbrella it most definitely will rain. If I am waiting for the bus and just nip into the bodega next to it to buy something the bus will absolutely come and I will miss it. Karma affects those little things that make an okay day into either a good or bad one.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

So, Friday we left the house late and walked to the park, and wouldn’t you know that there was a semi-decent breeze during our run. Not the whole time, but we did run all 3 intervals of 17 minutes without passing out. Then, on Sunday we didn’t push our luck and repeated the same thing. You know what? I ran even better with the gusts of wind that pretty much continued through the run.

However, my running speed has also become a bit of an issue. I am good in the first interval through the first half of the second. If it is the first day of a new, longer interval or the weather just plain sucks I start slowing down. My husband gets annoyed and I can tell he is mentally willing me to go faster, but I just can’t. I am struggling. So, we took an extra minute of walking between the second and third intervals on Friday and Sunday and I think that has helped somewhat. But, I think I just need time. The first day of a longer interval I am very slow at the end. But, the second and third runs on the new interval get better. I think that once we hit our full one-hour of running I will be able to improve my speed, especially since it will hopefully be a little cooler by then and I won’t end every run looking like a very ripe tomato ready to pop.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

I think we will run the 17-minute intervals again tonight and then, hopefully, increase it to 18 minutes on Thursday (if it doesn’t kill me).

Last night we had a rest day, but we still went for an evening walk in the park. We saw at least a dozen runners go by, which is more than typical, and we saw people who we normally see walking trying to run. You can innately tell when someone is running for the first or second time. They struggle, their run/walk intervals are very short, but it is also inspiring. It makes me happy to see people pushing themselves.

We also caught sight of a woman who we saw a week ago who falls into this category. She’s getting better, she’s running longer and a bit faster. I would go up to her and tell her it will get easier if I didn’t think it would totally freak her out. So, I throw my mental support, my positive thoughts, her way when I see her. It’s really crazy to think that I was her a mere few months ago. Maybe that positive energy will boomerang back to me in the karmic universe…

Do you believe in running karma? Are there certain things you do to ensure you have a good run?


3 thoughts on “Running Karma

  1. Karma? Perhaps. Snake-bitten? Definitely. Every time I try and push myself, I end up with a setback. I am in rehab mode now, but when I get back out on the trails, it is going to be super-chill-mode!


  2. It’s a cliche, but it’s such a roller-coaster, isn’t it? Some days, I feel like I could run round the world and do this forever (the last couple of runs). At other times, I feel rubbish, and it’s an effort, and I wonder if I’ll ever get there (wherever “there” is). (And go and say hello to that runner, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the boost! 🙂 )


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