Honeydew – Honeydon’t

Tuesday’s unintentional rest day/reward day meant that yesterday I had to run. Had to… It’s way too easy for me to say, “Eh, I don’t feel like running today, I’ll do it tomorrow.” It is too tempting to say that everyday until I totally forget that I like running even though it is hard sometimes.

Last night was super hard. First, I didn’t want to do it. I know this is because a) I went 2 days without running and already the habit of running starts to slide and b) it was so hot that potatoes in the garden are baking in the ground and you’d just need to add butter, salt, and and pepper to have a nice snack.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

It was brutal, but we managed it. I’m really proud of us, because it would have been so easy to just throw our arms up and quit. I think yesterday was our last day of three 17-minute intervals and hopefully on Friday we will do 18-minute ones.

I write on a MacBook Pro and perhaps your computer does the same thing, but when I wake up my laptop from sleep mode the time when it went to sleep shows up for a split-second. This is not really interesting in and of itself, but I was using it before we ran, when my hubby turned to me and said, “You ready to run?” I closed my laptop and we got dressed and headed out.

I mention this because when we got back from the run, drank water, and high-fived each other on a tough, but successful run, I opened my laptop and the time of 8:37 pm flashed before it showed the current time of 11:32 pm. That means it took us 3 hours to get dressed and ready, walk to the park, run, sit and recover/drink 1 liter of water each, and walk home/collapse with a bowl of honeydew. If I had known that before I’d have said, “Honeydon’t run.”

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

Three hours seems like a really long time.  I didn’t realize that our running program was so time-consuming. It really caught me off guard. I didn’t even shower in those 3 hours. It seems a little crazy that it takes us that long. I don’t know how we will ever be able to run before work as I had tentatively planned for winter when we will gladly welcome running in the sun since it cuts the coldness of the weather (I can not wait for winter, by the way. I’m done with running in Summer). I can’t wake up at 4:30 am 4 days a week. No way. I need my beauty sleep.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

I’m really glad that yesterday I didn’t do that much walking prior to running. Since we are trying to lose some jelly bellies we walk a lot. We walk to the bus, we walk to the office, to the supermarket, to the park, everywhere. On most days I walk 2 hours a day or around 8 km, and that’s without running. With running it’s 3 hours. We are trying to incorporate more movement in our everyday life so that our habits change and we can keep up the weightloss even on days we don’t run.

Yesterday I only walked around 50 minutes, but with this brutally tiring run I felt like death would just be easier. If I had walked 2 hours as I normally do, I think I would have stopped halfway (if that!) through the run. Walking 2 hours can kill my legs and I think with the horrible weather conditions I will need to consciously back-off of walking on run days.

But, with that said, walking more has helped with losing weight and burning calories, especially on non-run days. Walking more was the first thing we did before we started running, and it was hard at first. However, now it’s not even something we think about.

How much do you walk everyday? Is it part of your exercise regime?



13 thoughts on “Honeydew – Honeydon’t

  1. Yes, exercise can be amazingly time consuming. I didn’t swim yesterday since I’m still babying my knee & it definitely made my day easier. It takes like 2 hrs for a 30 minute swim. But it’s with it!

    Adding in extra movement is really smart. And starting out slow is smart, too. Those baby steps lead to permanent weight loss. And as the weight comes off, you’ll have more energy & it won’t feel as hard (most days).

    Walking is a big part of my day. I walk the dogs every day. And now that I have my vivoactive, it reminds me to get up & move if I’m been sitting too long. I love it!

    You’re doing great!


  2. I love that you’re doing all this together. It’s one of the things that really comes through when reading your blog. Yes- I do a lot of walking and cycling. We tend not to use the car unless we really have to, and I pull the younger kids around in a trailer. I’m sure that’s the reason I found it relatively easy to start back running again each time after several “timeouts”. At one point (during the winter) I was doing a bike commute that took me over an hour, and included pulling a trailer for some of it. But we have a very different climate here! I couldn’t deal with the heat you describe.

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      1. yes- but it does take away the “exercise time” element. It becomes part of life. They’re great. But we’re lucky we live in an area with bike paths, and where it’s cool enough to use it regularlay without it really hurting! But I’m definitely glad we do it.

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  3. I don’t know about you but prep time can be consuming. If I am running early morning I have everything ready the night before. Running clothes on the bathroom counter, running shoes at the front door, water bottle in the freezer, coffee mug at the Keurig. This way, I would wake up, get dressed, come downstairs and put my shoes on while my coffee brewed and drink it on the way to the trail if I was not running from my front door. I’d also have my work clothes picked out the night before and hanging in the car with a bag to take a shower after at my work gym. But if I were you, I wouldn’t look at those 3 hours as time consuming, I would look at them as time together, outdoors, not only making you physically more healthy but mentally healthy as well. We try to do too many things these days, enjoy those 3 hours of accomplishing one great thing!

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  4. Exercise is so time consuming. Eventually, things in your routine change so the prep/recovery doesn’t take up so much time. For example – if I’m going for a long run, I need to wake up 2 hours before because I need that time to drink coffee, eat, go to the bathroom (I know, gross) and just wake up. I used to need that for shorter runs, too. But the more I ran, the easier it gets for me to get out the door for a quick run. During the school year, I can get up at 430, leave for a 5-6 mile run at 5 and be in my car to go to work by 630. I mean, I don’t look like a beauty queen those days (or ever, ha!) and there is some degree of rushing around but it does get easier! I think it’s great that you and your husband do this together, too. Stick with it and keep rocking it- I can’t wait to hear about your 18 minute intervals on Friday!! Excited for you!

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  5. I love your reference to it being so hot that potatoes are baking in the ground. That is about how it is where I live. Hats off to you for working out in the heat, and I bet the honeydew was delicious after that workout 🙂 I tend to use the treadmill in the heat of the summer and walk daily on it about 3 miles. I don’t feel right if I miss it!

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