It’s Too Hot to Run!

I know you probably think this blog has more in common with the weather report than a woman trying to lose weight by running if you have been keeping up to date, but ever since I started running I have been paying more attention to it. Good weather means a high chance of a good run. Hot and humid means the chances are rather meager.


In a nutshell, this week has felt like I am living in the armpit of an ogre that is sweating while running. But at least someone is running, which brings me to my main point.

We have not been running much this week. The humidity is 80%, and it is not even a little windy. On top of this we are having a heat wave until next Tuesday.

Walking outside is miserable, let alone running. I really want to run, so it is a bit torturous being side-lined by something as seemingly inoccuous as the weather.


I think it is time to try yoga. Indoors. With air conditioning. Or maybe I will practice my couch potato skills… So, no running in the past few days, but I miss it.

Does hot weather stop you from running?

29 thoughts on “It’s Too Hot to Run!

  1. “I am living in the armpit of an ogre that is sweating while running” made me laugh SO hard at my desk like a weirdo! It’s also a great metaphor for London’s public transport right now.

    I know what you mean about focusing on the weather. It’s not v. nice here in London today, but instead of being a lil bit annoyed, I’m checking the weather forecast every half hour to see if I’m gonna be able to get out without getting struck by lightening!

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  2. I’m used to it but I hate it. Today was the worst. 78 feels like 84 at 94% humidity at 5 am. It was awful! But keep in mind fall and winter are coming!!! YAYAYAY!! You can do it. The heat makes you a stronger runner! 👍

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  3. No way! In Houston we’ve had record breaking high temps (feels like 112!) and running IS possible. Get out before the sun’s up and sloooow down and you’ll be good.


  4. Most of the time, I can only get my run in after work and before I pick up my kiddos. SO..that’s around 5pm. In Florida…it’s HOT all the time!! My running has always taken a nose dive during the summer because of the heat. My times are slower, I notice a few walk breaks because my breathing seems a little bit more challenging, and it’s really frustrating! But…I figure doing SOME running is better than doing NO running!! saves me from the ever hating DREADmill!!!

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  5. It depends upon my mood really. I always prefer to run outside, but sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate. It gets really hot & humid in the summer and in the winter it’s freezing & snowy. If I’m being really stubborn or can’t mentally deal with the treadmill that particular day, I will run outside anyway. I usually end up realizing that it wasn’t the best decision though.

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  6. I’m an early morning runner too. So effing hot and humid here. I’m done by sunrise. Running with my handy runner’s flash light


  7. I’ve been stalking your blog for a while and just wanted to tell you I really enjoy reading it! I feel your pain about the heat. Our humidity isn’t too high but temps have been over 110°F and our area has a severe heat advisor going on all week, so I haven’t been doing any running either. (Not that I’ve been doing much anyway. I’m just trying to get back into running again.) Hope it cools off soon for both of us.


    1. I feel your pain. Summer is so hard on running! Sometimes you just have to wait it out. I will push myself to run in the next few days so I don’t lose what I’ve built up. I really don’t want to go backwards in my training. 110F is no good!!! Yuck!! Even with a slightly cooler temperature in the pre-sunrise hours the humidity at 6am here is 100%. No time of day is good. Come on Autumn!


  8. I’m a Florida runner too, and while I hate running this time of year because of the heat and humidity, a tough run is better than no run. Plus, I’m that much stronger in Dec through Feb when the temps go down to something more comfortable

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    1. I admire everyone’s fortitude running in this totally ridiculous hot weather. I understand changing pace and mileage, but I already go slow. Is it possible to go slower? I don’t think so. I thought my husband would kick my butt outside regardless of the weather, but he turned out to be a bigger softie than me. And I remember why I love him. 🙂

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  9. I’m terrible when it comes to running when it’s hot, never mind humid! If I don’t get up early at the weekend or motivate myself to get out in the evening mid-week, then it just doesn’t happen. If only it could be Spring all year round. 😉

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  10. Reblogged this on® and commented:
    Record breaking temps here (Arizona) 117º has brought my running to a halt. And I was reaping benefits too 😦
    I am however, trying to make up for it in my pool. Truth is…it’s not the same. I’ll sure be glad for cooler temps (our winter) to get here. Until then…I’ll live (with envy) vicariously thru this bloggers escapades 😉
    At least it has me still feeling the positive effects of running…in my mind 😀

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  11. It has been 35+ degrees here in Vienna for the past few weeks. It has been hot and humid and not very runner-friendly. I managed to deal with it, and push on through my marathon training, by running in the evening. It was still over 30 degrees, but at least the sun was set(-ting). Luckily now it is much much cooler. Yoga is always a good idea though! 🙂

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