Running Wet

Yesterday was an unusual day for us. We finished work early, despite being kind of busy, and went to the cinema. By the way, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation gets 2 thumbs down. It would have been easy to just go home and vegetate; it would have been really easy to step outside, take one breath, and say “It’s way too humid to run. Screw it!”

What really helped me get my butt in gear was the fact that there were 2 brand-new running shirts at home that hadn’t been used yet. I wanted to see if these shirts are everything they are cracked up to be. The other thing that helped me get changed and step out of the door was my hubby, who barely let me sit down when we got home and scooted me over to the pile of clothes on the floor next to the drying rack that always has dry clothes hanging from it (I am really bad at putting laundry away) that is lovingly referred to as my closet. He knows that as soon as my ass hits the sofa cushion it is extremely difficult to extricate it to do anything productive. My sofa is so awesome it has its own review, by the way.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

We got dressed and checked each other out. We both got a Nike Miler. My husband’s (you can click for the Nike USA store here) is black and grey striped, which they don’t seem to have in the Nike US store. Mine is similar, but thicker fabric (you can click here to view). The women’s is fitted with cap-sleeves.

We bought shirts because I can usually gauge how far we are into the run by the sweat patterns that form on my hubby’s t-shirt. In the first third of the last interval his regular cotton t-shirt is soaked through. Literally there isn’t a square-inch that isn’t wet. It’s kind of impressive and gross all at the same time. Of course I sweat, but nowhere near the amount he does. I’m surprised he isn’t drinking water like his life depends on it after each and every run.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

So, we were excited and curious about our first run with the new shirts. It was hard to tell mid-run if they kept us cool. We have gotten so used to being hot in Summer temperatures. At the end of the run, my hubby’s shirt was still 100% soaked through. But, the moisture wasn’t sticking to his skin like a cotton shirt. He said it was more comfortable. For me, I noticed that it was like running with silk, meaning that I didn’t feel any hard stitching rubbing on my arms so it was more comfortable in that sense.

In general, I’m glad we bought the shirts. They are not miracle workers by any means, but at least my hubby was a bit more comfortable. So, no buyer’s remorse here. We’ll keep using them and hopefully continue to be satisfied.


8 thoughts on “Running Wet

  1. oh my goodness, moisture wicking running apparel is SO much better than cotton. It can still become soaked, but it makes it much easier for the sweat to be dispersed rather than just end up with a wet rag covering you. You’ll have less tendencies toward abrasions and chafing also.

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  2. I have that shirt you have I do believe, it’s not the lightest though it is part of their keep cool line whatever it is, I just find the fabric thick, there’s differently better options, even for tshirts which I don’t wear at all during the summer. I wear those Nike ones for runs when a long sleeve would be too much.

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      1. Hmm yeah I’m not sure I don’t own many t-shirts. I think aside from race shirts those might be the only ones but I think there are thin meshy like t-shirts out there. Also race shirts are generally thinner than those too. Some are also horrible though so.. Lol


  3. Ahhhh you are going to love these so much more than running in cotton t-shirts! They will definitely still get wet and sweaty but it will feel way better than cotton sticking to your skin. Enjoy your new purchase!


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