“That was a really great run, right?” She said over and over…

Last night after our run I couldn’t stop repeating, “That was a really good run, right?” to my husband. I guess I was just so surprised at how well I ran, especially since before our run my hip started feeling irritated and it was hot outside.

I had come home from work and just laid down for an hour. My husband was at his computer. We just decompressed for a while from the day and waited for the sun to set and the hopefully cooler temperatures to kick-in. However, and this is the danger about coming home and not immediately going for a run, you start feeling like it would be nice to just stay home. On top of that feeling, my husband could not stop eating. He was having a hungry day when nothing seems to make you full – there were chocolate covered nuts, dates, pistachios, among other things that met their fate. As soon as it was sunset we convinced each other to lace up and go out for our run.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

I always start doubting myself if I haven’t been for a run in a while. The last time I ran was Friday I think so it had been a while. So, I was definitely not confident about the run. I thought maybe I’d have to stop early and then I started running through the most likely to the worst-case scenarios in my head. I am pretty good at doubting myself. Is there a medal for that? But, in fact running wasn’t that bad at all.

There was no wind and I could feel the humidity by the time we walked over to the park. I was annoyed, immediately, because it makes a run that much harder. We sat on a bench and arranged our watches and mp3 players and then as soon as we stood up the wind started to blow and wouldn’t you know that it didn’t stop the entire time we ran.

Sometimes the stars align and everything is in place and we have a great run. The first 19-minute interval flew by. I didn’t check the time until the 16th minute and that was just to see if we had run into the 3-minute walking interval. It was a great start to the run. Without the humidity our breathing was even and controlled and we didn’t look like we had just had a shower.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

The second interval was good, too. I wasn’t getting too tired and we were maintaining our pace. The sidewalks got a little crowded and at one point all our vision was obscured by the smokey-haze of barbecuing park-goers, which isn’t really fun to breathe through. But, I was happy to be running and looking at park cats and kittens as we ran past them. I didn’t even mind weaving around kids, cyclists, and families taking up the whole sidewalk.

We didn’t need to make the second walking break longer either. Three minutes was plenty. It’s been a while since we only walked for 3 minutes. So, we started again on the third and final interval and still it was good. I didn’t feel like I was in “the zone” or anything, but it was solid running. It probably would have been even better if my music playlist hadn’t finished 3 minutes before the end of the run. This meant I was fiddling with it and slowed down a little, because I was distracted. Because the screen is broken on my ipod and I can’t see what is going on in terms of menus, preferences, etc. I ended up running to classical music for the final few minutes. I guess I was going through a phase (short-lived) of trying to be fancy or something years ago when I put it on there originally. But, I was running well and even the weird choice of classical music couldn’t derail me from finishing it. I’m one of those people who needs upbeat tunes to run normally.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

And, for the couple hours we were still conscious last night post-run I just kept saying to my husband “That was a really good run, right?” I’m pretty sure he got annoyed saying, “Yes, it was a good run.”

The run was so good that my hubby said he could have done another 19-minute interval. Me – I’m not so ambitious. But, it felt like I could have run 3 intervals of 20 minutes quite easily last night. My husband definitely agreed. In fact, he said that if the weather was good next time he may push me to run with only one break. So in his mind we would do something like 2 intervals of 30 minutes with a 2 or 3-minute walking break. That doesn’t excite me so much, but this is why running with someone who is ambitious is such a good thing, even if it is a pain in the ass in the moment, they take you along with them.

After the run, my hip was a little stiff, but it didn’t bother me during the run. I iced it after and this morning it’s still stiff so I will do some stretches.

How often do you feel like you had a great run? 


17 thoughts on ““That was a really great run, right?” She said over and over…

  1. I like my morning runs. I have been on three 5 milers this week. An easy job, good music and some really pretty scenery have made me quite happy. 🙂 (I never do walking breaks btw, don’t feel like I could go on if I did!!) The whole 5 miles usually take me 40min. Have a nice day!

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    1. I know what you mean about it being hard to start running again after a walking break. Sometimes I think it makes the run more difficult. I’m looking forward to the time we can run a full hour without breaks. Good for you on your runs!


  2. Fab news about your great run! Fingers crossed that your next run is equally as amazing.

    I have to admit not many of my runs feel ‘great’ at the moment. But I was incredibly proud of my 2 mile run today.

    Keep running and keep being proud and celebrating your successes. 🙂

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  3. Wow for you and your man and your great run! Just awesome.
    I hate to sound like Pollyanna, but I have reached the stage where almost every single run is good…. Not b/c my performance was all that great..
    I just know I’ll feel so good for having done it/about an hour after the run

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