1 Hour of Running or Bust

This is the conversation my husband and I had as we walked from our house to the park for a run on Friday evening:

Hubby: “The weather seems not too bad.”

Me: “Yeah, it’s been worse,” completely oblivious as to where this conversation is going.

Hubby: “If it’s breezy when we get there, we’re going to do 3 intervals of 20 minutes. So mentally prepare yourself now.”

Me: Blank, fearful stare

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

I don’t think my husband quite understands it when I say “I need to mentally prepare myself.” If it is necessary to mentally prepare myself then something is definitely happening or very likely to occur. The weather is not one of those things that I depend on so it seemed a little bit of a contradiction to a.) expect a high chance of good weather for running and, consequently, b.) prepare for a new, longer interval of running.

But, I could tell by the half-crazy look in his eye that he was serious – we were going to run 20 minutes 3 times. He didn’t seem to be asking me either. I was hesitant, to say the least, as we walked to the park. I had only run the 19 minute intervals twice because I took some time to let my sore hip rest, but he had run it 3 times. I didn’t protest too much – just the requisite amount when your spouse tells you to do something you don’t want to do, but knows you will do it anyway. Haven’t we all been there? It’s just enough protesting so that they know you are not pleased about doing it and so you can use it for something in the future when you want to do something and they don’t.

It seemed the weather gods were on my side, though, when we got to the park. It was not breezy and the humidity had eeked up to previous early August temperatures when I had bemoaned the fact that it was too hot to run. And then, a small breeze started and it seemed my husband’s wish came true.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

The first interval of 20 minutes was really good. It always amazes me how much further we run by just adding an extra minute to running. We ran the entire length of the park this time. We still took a 3-minute walking break and then started up again, but this time instead of running near where people barbeque and the sidewalk is a haze of smoke and the all too delicious smells of people’s dinner cooking we took a turn to run along a very long wave breaker that has just been built with a sidewalk on top. It is quite big and extends quite a distance into the sea. I think it took 5 minutes to run the whole thing. I’m so glad we chose to run there because the wind was glorious and despite having to make our presence known to some fishermen who were casting their lines – one of my irrational fears is losing an eye to a fishhook by a fisherman that doesn’t see I’m behind him – it was awesome!

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

We finished the second and third intervals without any problems and I didn’t even slow down at the end, which is typical on a new interval run. I was really pleased with myself. But, perhaps, my excellent performance sealed my fate.

My hubby also noticed I was doing well so at the end of the run, as we are drinking some much deserved water and recovering, he says, very casually, “The next time the weather is cool we’re just running as much as we can. No more planned walking breaks.”

Again, he was met with a blank, shocked face from me. Of course the first word out of my mouth was “Why?” like it was punishment.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

His opinion is that if it hadn’t been for the heat and humidity of the summer we’d already be running a full hour, non-stop by now. But, instead, we are just now running an hour with breaks. Yes, he’s right. We are a little behind schedule, but there wasn’t much we could do about it.

The total amount of running and walking we do is 66 minutes and he’s getting bored. He wants to get rid of those 6 minutes of walking sooner rather than later. So, it seems that running 3, 20-minute intervals will not last long if the weather stays around 28 degrees C or 82 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity that is bearable.

In spite of the double dose of shock on Friday, we finally hit our goal of running an hour and that in and of itself is something that a few months ago seemed so distant and, at times, unattainable. So, now it’s all about whittling down the breaks and walking time.

What was your first running goal?


32 thoughts on “1 Hour of Running or Bust

  1. I think you can totally do it! Seriously, running with no breaks is so much easier! You are going to do great and in a few sessions you are not going to miss them at all. My first running goal was to run a whole 10k and it took me 4 weeks. I started off running nearly 4(and wishing my death) and gradually added 1.5-2k a week…. until the 10k. I laugh remembering it now because it took me nearly 1:10 to run whereas now I run a 10k in 58 minutes or so. Keep going, you are doing great!

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      1. You will get there too! 🙂 It now takes me about 44 min to run my usual 5 miles which is something I feel pretty proud of. Wanted to head out today but it’s running like crazy plus I can probably use the extra rest day… I was moving rooms yesterday and it was an insane amount of carrying and lifting and stuff. PS: The only way to accomplishing goals is determination. I’ll never be a quick runner, but I will be that one who goes for 10 or 11 miles (yep, been that far) and is still going. I won’t be fancy, I won’t be super toned, I won’t have model-like anything but I’ll be happy doing what I like and that means the world to me!)

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      2. An extra rest day sometimes makes the next day’s run so enjoyable I find, so enjoy it. You’re right about being determined – but like everything that seems to vary in intensity from time to time. I am the same as you – I’m out for distance not speed and there is nothing glamourous about it, but it makes me happy.


      3. It’s funny because all the way through school I used to get this reports that said that while I wasn’t stellar unless I really liked something, I was extremely consistent and consequent. I’ve carried this onto my adult life, which brings me both successes and issues. I have a very hard time letting go and that’s just not great but at the same time I tend to stick to things and put in the work whenever I deem it necessary. You win some, you lose some, I guess. I am anyway going to use my spare day to keep putting my new room together and to browse the Ikea catalog so I can order everything I need online. Can’t be bothered with going to the actual place. 🙂

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  2. Yay!! Congratulations on this milestone! For me, so much of adding a new challenge is mental. You guys have done an incredible job and I’m sure you will be successful with your goal of running for an hour without the breaks. When I’m pushing for a goal I like to think about how I would feel if I DON’T keep trying to meet my goal (which usually feels worse (mentally) than giving in physically. Plus, I figure if I’ve gone this far, I might as well keep going because I’ll just have to do it next time. So since I’ve gone this far I figure I might as well accomplish my goal now having put in all the effort. Good luck and have fun!

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  3. Congratulations! What an awesome milestone. I am so proud of you! I really think you can run the whole hour straight. If it seems scary, maybe ask him if you can still do your recovery walks, but cut the time in half? Or, run for 30 minutes, recover for 2 minutes, and run for 30 more. Personally? I think you will rock the whole hour 🙂 GREAT JOB!

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  4. You guys are on fire! Keep it up! Dropping the breaks will do you some good. You’ll be amazed how well you do!
    My first running goal was to run an hour. I cried the first time I did! Somehow that one hour got me to where I am now! Lol trying to run 2000 miles and I just hit 200 miles in one month. One of my toughest running goals done!
    Keep it up! You’ll be running circles around me in no time! ❤️

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  5. Awesome possum! (sorry, sometimes my 10th grade self comes out)
    Congrats on the hour! What a goal to reach!
    Now, you’re moving on to doing them without breaks. Have you asked your husband if you could get rid of the breaks slowly? Like run for thirty minutes and then take a break, and finish the last 30 minutes? Or losing the first break but keeping the second? Either way, an hour of running in this heat, without or without breaks is wonderful.
    My first running goal was to do 5K without stopping. Then, it became doing it as fast as possible. Since then, my goals have been dependant on the conditon I’m in.

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    1. I think a lot of people are like you and start with being able to run a 5k as a goal, but to do an hour was so outrageous for us when we could only run 8 minutes at the beginning. I’m still impressed we have stuck with running this long.

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  6. I think that mine was something similar. I started with walk breaks every 20 to 30 minutes and then whittled it down. I remember being terrified to run with anyone without being able to run an hour without stopping. but that ended up being a totally unfounded fear!

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