Running Pet Peeve

We were walking down the street on a hot, sticky Summer day – the type of day that says “Why are we outside? It’s too hot!”  It was about 1pm so the hottest time of day. Everyone was walking a little slow from the heat.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

There is a woman about 4 or 5 meters ahead of us. She’s walking like everyone else and then, out of seemingly nowhere, she starts running. In what appears to be her office work clothes and a couple bags on her arms, she is running. What’s weird is the fact that she was casually walking and then running. Maybe she looked at her watch and saw that she was going to be late for something? I don’t know. This is not the part that bothers me. What bothers me is the fact that she ran for a solid 20 seconds and then regressed to walking again at a leisurely pace.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

Why would someone run for 20 seconds like their pants were on fire or they were giving away money and then stop? Am I the only one confused? Does anyone else see people doing this?

When we run we see a lot of different types of people. There is one type that I can’t understand. Perhaps someone can explain it to me. When I see runners who are wearing windbreakers with the hood on their heads in the middle of Summer I daydream about running over to them with a pair of scissors and cutting them out of this monstrosity that must be so humid and sweaty to wear. Why would anyone wear this jacket at the height of Summer? People in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are doing this. Is this really all about sweating more because they think they will lose more weight that way? I feel like having a windbreaker intervention sometimes. These people need to be freed.

photo courtesy of pixabay

Another type of runner I don’t quite understand, and some walkers fit into this category as well, is people who wrap a towel around their necks while running or walking. Is there an excessive neck-sweating epidemic going around that I don’t know about. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching re-runs of Who’s the Boss? Do you remember that show? Whenever Angela or Tony worked out on that show there was a towel and a windbreaker (no hood though) involved.

Do you see people doing strange things while they run? 

23 thoughts on “Running Pet Peeve

  1. Maybe she was incorporating interval training into her daily schedule? (Does one quick burst count as an interval?) Thankfully I don’t get to watch the craziest thing ever when I’m out running…me actually running!


  2. LOL you are funny, I’ve seen the hoodie thing here in San Diego in the heat of the day and the bath towel thing. Yesterdays run I ran past the same guy three times. I was running a steady 10 minute pace I’d pass him and he would look at me, then a few minutes later he would fly past looking at me, then I would pass him, repeat, repeat… couldn’t figure out what he was doing I just laughed. Unrelated but on another run, and something you might have fun doing, I was running at a pace that was just a little faster then a younger runners was; we ran in synchronous for a few minutes as if we were running buddies and then I looked at her and said….. Beep Beep… and ran off ahead.

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  3. People are crayyyyyyyyyy! Yesterday morning, I ran 5 miles before work in the dark. I came home, and was DRIPPING with sweat because the heat and humidity here is crazy. An hour later, I’m driving to work and I see a woman out walking – like for fitness – wearing yoga pants and a long sleeve shirt – the kind that has the zipper and a mock neck. And it was zipped all the way up to the top. I realize she was walking, but what she was wearing was the outfit I would wear to run on a day in the high 20s/low 30s! Even if you weren’t running, shorts and a tank were appropriate. Or a t-shirt. I wish I could explain the phenomenon to you, but I’m just as baffled!

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  4. Maybe the lady thought she was running late, but got her times mixed up. Or she suddenly felt that sprinting was necessary. It is strange.
    I hate when people don’t have their dogs leashed and under control when running or walking. It can be intimidating.

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  5. Haha – crazy stuff. I have seen the towel thing here (UK) and wondered about that. Windbreaker is pretty much par for the course here – I probably look odd in my t-shirt here! The woman running sounds odd – although I saw something similar in a number of 5km charity runs/walks for women only – loads of women (and good on them for trying – there’s a time I wouldn’t have!) who would run quite fast for about 15-20 seconds and then stop and walk really quite slowly for a few minutes and then they’d sprint off again for a very short burst and they’d do that all the way round. If that’s what gets them round, great but they seemed to have a tendency to sprint round you and then stop dead right in front of you. I ended up bumping into one or two and it was just a little annoying

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