Running Plans Gone Array

This keeps happening. I make a plan and a thousand things get in the way of those plans coming to fruition. So, this week my husband suddenly had to go out of town. The consequences being quite immense. Firstly, it means he won’t run just after we both decided to re-focus our efforts on running more regularly. Secondly, it leaves me alone to run on my own, mustering my own motivation to get out and run after a bit of a break in September.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

But, I was sure that I would do it. I was game. So, my hubby left and since Tuesday was a rest day I didn’t run. It also rained like the world was ending so no loss there. Wednesday, I woke up sick. A dreadful stuffy nose, nasal drainage, sinus pressure, basically breathing was the main challenge of the entirety of the day. I hoped that if I really rested, which I’m really bad at when I’m sick, that I might feel good enough to run the next day. However, no such luck. Wednesday I felt worse than the day before, feeling foggy and a bit of a fever.

Which leaves Thursday. I felt disgusting. I wanted to curl up in the corner and hibernate. I felt so defeated. I really wanted to run this week and get back to our program. But, maybe it was timely since my hubby isn’t here and I would have felt a bit guilty running without him. As soon as he find out he was going out of town, he turned to me and said “Are you going to run without me?” a hint of envy in his voice, not that it would stop me.

photo courtesy of pixabay
photo courtesy of pixabay

Today, I’m starting to feel a bit better, but not good enough to run. Perhaps it was the sudden change in weather that we are currently experiencing. It has inexplicably gone from hot to cold in a week. People are actually wearing jackets during the day. We are a bit unprepared to run in cooler temperatures. We don’t have running gear for anything but brutally hot temperatures. So, this week I’ve been researching cold-weather running apparel. There’s a lot to choose from and for the novice it can be a little over-whelming. I did order a couple things online and we’ll see how they work out when I’m feeling better and my hubby gets back.

So, this week has kind of been a bust. We unintentionally continued the running-once-a-week habit. It’s making me a bit unbalanced not being able to run, especially since I was really excited to run in cooler temperatures. We struggled through the Summer and unlike most people cool, overcast days are the kind of days I particularly enjoy. For now I’m sneezing my way through the days hoping that this illness passes a little faster.

What do you run in when it gets cooler outside?

15 thoughts on “Running Plans Gone Array

  1. Feel better!!!!

    I wear shorts and a tank or shirt until the 30s. Then capris and long sleeved running shirt until 20s then I wear everything I own lol
    I’m a warm runner so I can go pretty minimal in cooler temps. If there wind tho I might bundle up a bit more bit usually not. I hate sweating but feeling cold at the same time so less is more for me!

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  2. Get well soon.
    I’ll run in shorts and t-shirts until it gets down to the 50s. Then I’ll break out the capris and longer-sleeved shirts. When it gets below 32 is when I have my running pants, gloves, and sweater.
    There will be time to run in cold temps soon!

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  3. You won’t need any cold weather gear until it’s close to freezing. For now capris and light long sleeve will be good. You always need to remember if you’re comfortable when you start you’re over dressed. Always start cold and you’ll warm up after a km or so

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  4. Hang in there, sister. Rough times happen and you know what? Once the dust settles, you will go out for a run and realize that your body probably loved the rest, the fall temps are upon us, and you can still RUN! You won’t lose fitness over a few off weeks. Just rest and heal that cold, because it’s worse to keep fighting it off and relapsing. If you really can’t wait and need to get back out there, they say if you have no fever and symptoms above the neck (runny nose, etc) you are good to go. Anything below the neck (aka chest congestion and coughing), wait it out. 🙂 Feel better!!!!

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  5. I’m so sorry you’re sick — I hate being sick — but better to rest up & get better so you can actually appreciate the cooler weather.

    I tend to like to be warm at the start, even though I know I’ll get too warm later on. So jackets, that zip & can be tied around my waist, are a must. It’s really hard to figure out what to wear when the seasons change even if you’ve been running a while!

    Any top for me must zip, unless it’s the dead of winter & super cold — because that’s how I control my temperature!

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  6. I actually love running in this weather! Anything from 35-55 degrees is perfect! For that range, I don’t really have any special clothing. I just layer. Right now, it’s as simple as a T-shirt under a long sleeve shirt. I have learned that it’s worth investing in good running-specific gloves and a running-specific cold weather jacket for when the temps really start to plummet!

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  7. It’s gone from warm to freezing over here too. I’ve been off from running for a week now. 😢 when it’s cold I run in my long running tights and my long sleeve nike top (best thing I’ve got this year!) Last year I had a Ron hill running jacket which is good but I should have bought the smaller size! I also should have got a brighter colour. When it gets really cold I wear a hat but I get so warm that tends to come off after a mile! Hope you feel better soon!

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  8. I bought a nauseatingly expensive waterproof lightweight windbreaker, designed for runners a couple of years ago and haevn’t regretted the financial burden it caused my credit card. Other than that, tights and a wooley hat keeps all my vital bits warm enough 🙂

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  9. Hope you are feeling better and that you and your hubby will be back on track soon. I agree with the other comments that it’s a good idea to give your body a little break and you should come back without any trouble. I don’t know how cold it gets where you are but besides what everyone else has suggested getting warmer winter socks was the best decision I made. It made running in below freezing temps and snow so much more comfy. Hopefully I’ll have a couple of months before I have to pull those out, though. 😉 Happy running!

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