Illness and Injury

So things have not been going as planned. First, my husband went out of town leaving me to run solo, which I was game for. As soon as he left, however, I managed to get sick. It’s a running joke that whenever he has to go somewhere I get the flu or a really horrible cold. Needless to say I did not disappoint. Since I had a fever and a cough running was not possible.

Photo courtesy of pixabay

He came back last Thursday and the new plan was to go run on Friday, but low and behold my hubby hit his foot on a chair, a big heavy one he says, and arrived home with a bright purple toe. He hobbled into the house and we decided to go to the doctor the next day instead of running. The verdict: they couldn’t see a break. That’s the good news. But the doctor didn’t rule it out from the x-ray.  The bad news is that he said no running for 2 weeks.

It’s been a week and a half since then. I still have a minor cough and my hubby is still not 100 percent.  But his purple toe has slowly resumed it’s normal coloring. Small miracles.

I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t me who broke the toe because I have a solid track record of breaking toes at the worst moments. Like the night before leaving for 3 months of backpacking through Europe and spending the first 2 weeks stuck in sandals, rain or shine, trying to take in the sights of Pisa and Salzburg.  That was not so enjoyable. I have broken many a toe and never gone to the doctor for it, but they are also kind of ugly and permanently knobby.  So no toe pics if I can help it.

Photo courtesy of pixabay

I was going to throw up a pic of my hubby’s best efforts at derailing our running, but even without the purple he has the toes of a hairy hobbit. I will save you the torture.

I am hoping that if not this weekend then Monday we will go for a run.  We will take it easy considering his toe,  my being sick, and the fact that we haven’t run in some time.

I hope we can get out there and do it.

9 thoughts on “Illness and Injury

  1. Bask in the luxury of having a legitimate excuse for not running for now. Many’s a time we’ve all copped out for no good one; now you have one! Use the time to relax, and you’ll be raring to go when it’s healed up. (from a Professional Prevaricator)

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  2. Teehee… “running joke.” I’m going to use that. You can tell your husband he does not have to make up stories about chairs for us. We know he broke his toe kicking somebody in the ass, and the S.O.B. probably deserved it (the ass kicking, not the toe breaking). I hope you’re both feeling better soon. Remember, the good thing about running is, you can begin again and again. I often do, and I rarely have a good excuse for the pauses. Rock on.

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  3. I know the feeling of the illness and injury thing. 2015 has been a real doozy for me. It started with Achilles Tendinitis that ruined my whole spring. Well, here I am towards the tail end of my race season and what do I do? Strained my calf. I am bitter and angry but I am trying to stay positive! Tell your husband to hang in there. Injuries SUCK but they don’t last. Sometimes it seems like they will never go away, but I promise – THEY DO!!!

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  4. Ugh sounds like you had a mare! Also it must have been so frustrating for your hubby not being able to run, especially when you could. It sucks! I just got back from injury, only to immediately get a cold which left me unable to run for a few days. Now I’m ignoring my own best advice and running anyway, since I’m only allowed very short stints anyway. I figure that even if exercise makes this cold last slightly longer, it outweighs the damage of me being grouchy and stuck indoors all day. Bad logic? Probably…

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